• Why are British Jews applying for German Citizenship?
    Almost Unthinkable – Jewish UK-Citizens apply for German Passports Somewhat 72 years after the end of World War II, hundreds of Jewish British citizens are applying for a German passport and have a realistic chance of getting one. As that would absolutely be unthinkable in many Jewish communities around the
  • The Life of Helmut Schmidt - An Obituary
    Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor of West Germany between May, 1974, and October, 1982, died 10 November 2015.  Yesterday would have been his 99th birthday.  Schmidt also served as West Germany’s Minister for Finance, Minister for Economics, and Minister for Defense.  He worked for and with such illustrious German public figures as
  • The Fabergé Museum in Baden-Baden
    While this superb boutiquey museum was established in Baden-Baden eight years ago (2009) to honor the renowned Russian jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé, it houses much, much more than examples of and information about Fabergé’s spectacular creations between 1885 and 1917 for Tsar Alexander III (1845-1894) and Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1917). 
  • German in Advertisement and Marketing
    English is the language of advertisement and marketing and it is also often used by German companies to address international customers (or at least to pretend to do so). In the early past, German companies advertised their products with German phrases. The reasons were simple: It was the language of
  • Gutenberg and the Invention of the Printing Press
    The market of printed books might still be strong and the rise of e-books might be slower than many expected. But printed papers and magazines already feel the heavy burden of the digital age increasing the more electronic mobile devices spread around the globe. As we still are in the
  • The Weserburg Museum of Modern Art in Bremen
    Referring to itself as “the museum in the river,” the Weserburg is being unnecessarily and endearingly modest as well as delightfully symbolic.  This superb museum contains one of Germany’s—and the world’s—most significant assemblages of modern art and, as such, is certainly the jewel in the crown as far as the
  • How to find a Flat in Hamburg - Nothing is impossible!
    Hamburg is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Germany but also one of the most expensive. Thus the prices for flats and houses are lower than, for example, in Munich or Stuttgart, and although it is in the middle also cheaper than in some smaller cities where
  • Traditions around the birth of a child in Germany
    Now I will note that I am an American, and as such, found some differing customs between the US and Germany when a child is born. For example, baby showers are NOT held in Germany, out of a belief it is unlucky to celebrate the birth of a child before
  • learnclick is a platform to create German learning exercises which we have implemented in our German online course
    Learn to use German in context with quizzes The key to learning a language is context. Learning in context gives meaning to the vocabulary and grammar one learns. If you just learn vocabulary by using lists, you are likely to use the words wrongly. Grammar often only starts making sense,
  • The Bauhaus Museum in Weimar
    Walter Gropius (18 May 1883—05 July 1969) was a renowned German-American architect and academic authority who founded the Bauhaus in Weimar in 1919.  The Bauhaus was an advanced academic institution focusing on applied arts, architecture, and design which conflated the teachings of the Weimar Academy of Arts and the Weimar
  • Germans obliged to take integration test - Re-education upon failure
    Germans will be obliged to take integration test – Re-education upon failure   Today, the German office for migration and refugees (BAMF) published a report which admitted a partial failure of their current approach of teaching migrants and refugees the German language and culture via so-called Integration Courses (Integrationskurs). Yet
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine in Germany
    Weißwurst, Bratwurst, Schweinebraten: Germany’s cuisine is known as good and robust – and also as very meat-based. When it comes to traditional dishes, it is not always easy to find something suitable for vegetarians or even vegans. But besides the lack of meatless meals, there is a growing number of

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