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More than language learning. It’s fun and engaging

Whether you want to learn German from scratch, or polish your skills, our flexible courses have you covered. Forget boring textbooks and grammar tables.

More than language learning. It’s fun and engaging

Whether you want to learn German from scratch, or polish your skills, our flexible courses have you covered. Forget boring textbooks and grammar tables.

Learn when it suits you, wherever you want

Become confident in German at your very own pace. Have access to the course from all your devices for as long as you need.

Pick up practical skills for daily life or official exams

The German grammar is broken down to bite sized pieces, explained in English. No grammar tables or word lists you have to memorise.

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Connect with students worldwide and share your experiences. Get instant answers to all relevant questions.

German like usual Learning like never before

German like usual Learning like never before

The techniques we use are more efficient than those of other language schools and online courses.

Interactive Exercises

Each course contains many interactive exercises, which help deepen your understanding of the vocabulary and German sentence structure. Receive instant feedback. No need to wait for a teacher to correct your homework.

Master the German Articles

Learn the German articles in a fun and super effective way! SmarterGerman teaches you the German articles through a simple association technique which uses a superhero, a queen and a big fat German baby. No more pain in the neck!


Transcribe the audio recording of a thrilling detective story. our Dictation Tool will compare your writing with the original and and show your mistakes so that you can learn from them. It is not only the most powerful way to practice all skills, it’s also fun and wonderfully engaging!
After telling myself for years that I could never, ever get to B1 standard, I got 84.5% on the exam!!! Michael has changed my way of learning languages for life.
Tammy Furey
Michael’s humor was the cream on top of the delicous cake that my German learning turned into.
Sai Kiran
What I love most is that I don't really study too hard on grammar and vocab, but it "goes" into my brain automatically and I can say some phrases without thinking...
For once... I am still infront of my laptop at 1 am and enjoying doing Smarter German session....!!!
Finally I found a well structured course with everything you need to learn German gradually.
Very interesting way of learning language, I've never been so keen to keep learning as with this course!
This really is Smarter German! Having learned in many different ways and courses, I like this the best. The material is a good mix which keeps me engaged.
Anne R.
< >
Working with smarterGerman got me to open up and start talking, long before I would consider that I can form sentences correctly.
Martin S.
Probably the best course on the market: well thought out and attentive, flexible, stimulant that leads you to be independent! Thanks a lot for this super course :)
Very thorough and entertaining, all you need to do is sit back and trust the smarter German process.
Michael is super helpful and explains everything to you in a way that everyone can relate. He's awesome. I used to use Duolingo, but I was only wasting my time.
Extraordinary way to learn German!
Seamless and fun learning experience! My German has improved a lot by taking this course.
Fellicia G.
I studied German at school and then with different methods and applications but none of them are more powerful and efficient than SmarterGerman.

I want you to be successful and to enjoy your German learning

Benefit from my 20 years of experience as a German tutor. I used to teach in several language schools in different countries until I got frustrated with the common system of teaching German.

Life is way too short not to enjoy learning German. Back then, you learned for school, not for life. Let’s rekindle your love for learning languages.
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