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Hi. I’m Michael (51) and I used to teach in several language schools in different countries until I got frustrated with the still common system of teaching German and developed my own highly efficient and enjoyable approach.’

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I want you to succeed and to fully enjoy your German learning.

About Us

My beautifully analytical and creative mind helped me develop wonderfully efficient German courses with unique and innovative learning techniques.

12 Years Online

I’ve been teaching German in several language schools before starting my own online language school. Since 2011 I've been producing and selling German online courses.

24 Years as a tutor and learner

I started teaching German in Poland in 1999 and have been learning several languages since 1990. I’m fluent in English (C1) and still remember quite a bit of Polish (B1-B2, even though I haven’t used it in 20 years). I studied 15 languages most up to A1, some to B1 at university and privately.

Traditional methods are economical for schools and tutors, but not for the learner.

The conventional teaching system used by most language schools to teach German is primarily designed to help them thrive in a highly competitive market, rather than being tailored to the needs of individual learners. SmarterGerman sets itself apart by prioritizing a win-win approach, focusing on the success of both our students and our business.

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Video: What does it take to learn German?

Learn German the natural way.

In many language schools the teacher is obligated to only use German in the classroom, yet grammar explained in German rarely makes sense. It rather creates frustration and confusion. And that’s completely unnecessary.

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Wenn das Verb zwei Objekte haben kann, dann ist die Sache, die gegeben wird, immer das direkte Objekt und die Empfängerin der Sache immer das indirekte Objekt.


When you “bring” something you can bring something (use Akkusativ for that thing) to someone (use Dativ for the receiver). There are other verbs like “bring”.

About Us
About Us

Gain back your autonomy and enjoy the learning process and your success.

I’ll put your mind at ease.

Learn how to take advantage of the immense potential of your own mind to fully enjoy your German learning. I’ll take care of everything around your learning experience to create the best possible learning environment. All you got to do is to follow my guidance. And should you ever get stuck anywhere, just reach out to me and I'll help you out.

Enjoy your learning even more.

Joy is our natural state whenever we learn new things. This joy has been overlaid by our past experiences and exposure to very limited strategies that we had to choose from when we were in school. SmarterGerman will enable you to recover more and more of your joy for learning German.

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My courses are easily accessible and guarantee solid results.

Behind SmarterGerman there is a small, approachable and actively engaging team.

Most of my employees are (ex-)customers who fell in love with the product, my teaching style and my business philosophy.

It’s your feedback, the development of new technology and constantly arising insights into the psychology of the language learner that help me improve my work even further. Without you, SmarterGerman wouldn’t exist.


About Us
About Us

Improve & Enjoy your German Learning even more

I’d love to send you an email every day with tips and tricks about learning German and relevant and interesting information about living, studying and working in Germany. And of course I’d love to present my special offers, product updates and new beautiful products to you. I put a lot of love into each email to make sure it’ll will be worth your time.

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