• For the Love of Amber (Bernstein)

    For the Love of Amber (Bernstein)

    In the north of Germany, along the shores of the Baltic and North seas, it is still possible to find amber—particularly after high seas or a storm. While I was on Rügen, the seas remained low and there were no storms to speak of… We found a nudist colony and were almost fined ten thousand […]

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  • How to say “I love you” in German

    How to say “I love you” in German

    Do you know the feeling of having butterflies in your tummy and that your legs turn to jelly? Well, most probably this is a sign that you have fallen in love with someone! Since there are so many different forms and levels of love or being in love, it is sometimes difficult enough to express […]

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  • The Different Types of Pronouns in German

    The Different Types of Pronouns in German

    Pronouns are the backbone of every language. They’re the most important ingredient in fluent speech and they save you unbelievable amounts of time. If it weren’t for pronouns, you’d be repeating the same names over and over again in every sentence. The boy is tall. The boy is smart. The boy is wasting time referring […]

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  • Alternative Christmas Story

    Alternative Christmas Story

    A different Father Christmas Story I feel I have to start with a little disclaimer: *There’s a lot of humor in everything I say and there’s a lot of truth in humor. I leave it to you to figure out what’s what. Overall I think you shouldn’t take things too seriously here.* Humor is a […]

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  • Lustige Wörter

    Lustige Wörter

    For me, one of the highlights of learning German with SmarterGerman is getting to know some of the extra words of interest related to the text in the ‘Get to the core of German’ step. Sometimes this is just because of how it sounds in English, particularly with words involving -fahrt or -fach. When I […]

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  • The Villa Hügel & Krupp Stahl

    The Villa Hügel & Krupp Stahl

    Just outside Essen, and right alongside the railway tracks (appropriately) lies a stately manor house called The Villa Hügel. It was built in the early 1870s as the residence for a famous German steel family, the Krupps. It is now open to the public and is used for cultural events, such as piano recitals and […]

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  • Learn German with Movies

    Learn German with Movies

    Discover how you can learn German with movies and how it offers an entirely unique learning experience full of culture and art.

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  • The Longest German Words

    The Longest German Words

    Das Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz. The previous strand of letters, that you skipped without even attempting to read, might seem like me simply bashing away at my keyboard, but in fact, this is a German word. Yes, a SINGLE German word. One of the longest German words. It means “beef labeling regulation and delegation of supervision law.” As […]

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  • SmarterGerman Reviews

    SmarterGerman Reviews

    Rina I spend weeks looking for the perfect course that would help me learn the German language effectively and achieve my goal of B2 level in 3 months time. And I’m very glad that I’d chose SmarterGerman, as Smart it was indeed. Michael understood my results oriented nature along with the time and dedication that I was willing to put in […]

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  • How to practice speaking German online with joy

    How to practice speaking German online with joy

    Finally, learning German online is becoming the gold standard in language education. It simply doesn’t make any sense to travel 30 minutes to a physical location and share a room with 10-20 other people that are so fundamentally different in their learning preferences.  But German learners often ask me how they would practice speaking German […]

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