• People holding hands

    Is our Crazy Community Approach the best Business Model?

    When I founded my online language school SmarterGerman I needed to still learn how to do business so I set out to find the best business model out there that would not only benefit my company but also my customers and those that I work with. For many years I believed that I needed to […]

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  • Picture frames from 10 people

    SmarterGerman Reviews

    Rina I spend weeks looking for the perfect course that would help me learn the German language effectively and achieve my goal of B2 level in 3 months time. And I’m very glad that I’d chose SmarterGerman, as Smart it was indeed. Michael understood my results oriented nature along with the time and dedication that I was willing to put in […]

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  • A robot teacher showing how to practice speaking German online

    How to practice speaking German online with joy

    Finally, learning German online is becoming the gold standard in language education. It simply doesn’t make any sense to travel 30 minutes to a physical location and share a room with 10-20 other people that are so fundamentally different in their learning preferences.  But German learners often ask me how they would practice speaking German […]

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  • Train arriving to station

    Big Trouble in Lower Saxony

    In genereal the train network in Germany is very good. It will get you to most places in the country in relative comfort. As long as nothing goes wrong, using the German train system is pretty easy, even if you don’t have any German language skills yet. But when something DOES go wrong, that’s when […]

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  • Soldiers in a battle

    Die Langen Kerls

    As far as Prussian King Frederick Wilhelm the First was concerned, size mattered. For his army, that is. And not just the number of soldiers either (which he increased from 38 000 to 83 000 during his reign) which was at least part of the reason he became known as the Soldier King. No, he […]

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  • Is learning German in Germany or the so called immersive approach really the best approach to language learning?

    Is Learning German in Germany the Smartest Approach?

    Fleeing the ‘tyranny’ of a heavily monolingual culture in pursuit of an additional language is not a new thing. It’s associated strongly with the adage: ‘the best way to learn a language is in a country that speaks the language’. Or in other words: learning German in Germany is the way to go. While there […]

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  • Berlin wall fragment

    Der Hoff

    Germany is certainly a land of cultural surprises; you learn to expect strange connections and differences and you can usually piece together some kind of logical series of circumstances that might have led … where they have led. But, other times, such things can really seem to come out of left field. Germans (and Austrians) […]

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  • Man reading in outdoors during rain

    5 Useful Mnemonics to Learn German

    The M in the beginning of mnemonic is silent, and it’s pronounced ne-mo-nics. Now, that I got that out of the way, how does hacking your brain and storing huge amounts of information in the shortest and simplest way sound to you? That’s what mnemonics will help you with; a mnemonic is any technique that […]

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  • Thinker with sunshine background.

    Is it hard to learn German as an English Speaker?

    Many learners wonder whether it is hard to learn German as an English speaker. Let me say as much: German might be a lot easier than you might think.

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  • A red headed boy around 5 years old shows how to count to 100 in German

    How to easily count to 100 in German

    Counting in German is kinderleicht if you look at it the SmarterGerman way. Learn to count to 100 in German quickly.

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