Abhilash Menon

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It was by chance that I came across the Smarter German website. I was looking around for a course / program that could accelerate my German learning skills to B1 level. Plus being a working professional, flexibility with the learning sessions was also a key factor.

So coming across Michael was the best thing that happened to me last summer. I was quite impressed with his claims of accelerated / smart techniques for learning German. Also the reviews from former participants were amazing. So I decided to give it a try, and had my first Skype call with Michael. This initial chat convinced me to give this method a shot. I knew that I’d have to put in a lot of effort myself. The course materials to grasp the grammar were simply awesome ! I overcame my inhibitions right away. It was now so easy to remember the complexities of the German grammar ! Hats off to Michael for the way he has structured this bit!

Michael introduced me to an interesting way on learning vocabulary. I worked in tandem with an app and a short story. This definitely helped to put the newly learnt words in context. At the same time, my listening and writing skills were getting honed as I had to listen to the story as well !

Maggie, my conversation trainer, complemented extremely well with the talking part. We had frequent Skype sessions where she worked with me on rectifying/improving my diction. Both Michael and Maggie were flexible with the appointments, so it was actually an extremely hassle-free training! Plus they both made the learning experience fun-filled and exciting! After 3 months of starting this program, I just received my B1 certificate this week. Now, I need a bit of a break….but Michael and Maggie…wait for me for the next challenge – B2 coming soon 😉