André Nogueira

 Andre Nogueira pass the german b1 exam

My main goal was just to learn, and learn I certainly did – far more and far faster than I ever expected or thought possible! Even though I ended up having more work and less time than I expected, I’m pretty amazed at the results.
If you’d told me in October that by January I’d be able to watch a simple TV show or read a not so difficult book, I’d have thought you were joking.

I was never able to memorize anything when studying, but your techniques and the way you present the material (the grammar video lessons, the grammar songs, the various “tricks” and techniques, the flexibility in choosing what to teach or train during lessons, etc) it became amazingly easier. Even I could do it! 🙂

So thank you both again. It was definitely an amazing experience and a great use of my time.

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