Anitha Diewald

Learning German with a full time consulting job is a complete nightmare. I could never find time to take a proper B1 course but always wanted to do the B1 exam. Getting the B1 Goethe Certificate was a dream for me which i never managed to achieve in 9 years.

Finally i decided to do my B1 level in 3 weeks. 2 big language schools instantly turned me down saying 3 weeks is not enough time to do B1 course (even with an intensive course). I was very much disheartened. I had been following smarterGerman on Youtube. I loved their channel for their smarter way of teaching German. It just occurred to me one morning to write to Michael and ask him if he would help me in achieving my goal. I felt really lucky when he instantly replied me and confirmed me that he would teach me and help me achieve my goal.

I knew i was in the right hands and needless to say with his german grammar videos i learnt everything i need to know in 3 weeks. Michael and Margareth constantly gave me tips and tricks to strengthen my weak areas. I am really very thankful to both Michael and Margareth without whom i would not have achieved my goal. Yes i passed my B1 exam 🙂

See her B1 certificate here (coming soon).

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