Changing the way we Learn German


The idea to create an app that makes a German learner’s life easier is already a few years old. But it always felt as if that was just not enough. An app often offers a very limited range of services. A few months ago then this idea developed into my vision of Yippiy, an online German learning platform that shall on near day replace German group courses at language schools.

Imagine being able to learn German from wherever you are and whenever it suits you. No more travelling, no more distractions. Learning at exactly your very own speed.

The first thing people say when they hear this idea: Doesn’t something like this already exist? It does not. There are language learning platforms, sure. But they surely do not replace a group course with human tuition. Take a look at my Duolingo analysis here.

Yippiy is Different

out of many reasons. Let me focus on three core ideas that (will) make Yippiy outstanding:

  1. Understanding
  2. Consistent Context
  3. Autonomy


Yippiy will make sure that you understand everything that you come across while learning German by instructing and relating to English. Only then you will be able to connect the new information (e.g. German grammar & words) to your vast knowledge and experience. And English is an immense resource for any German learner. Not instructing you in English is ignorant.

Consistent Context

That context matters is nothing new and widely known. Yet, one could as well say, one needs to eat to live. Sure, a lousily prepared meal will get you through this life for many years but you will surely not be looking forward to your next lunch. The same applies for context delivered by textbooks or actual language learning platforms / apps. Their contexts are at best an agglomeration of possibly relevant topics but never are consistent. There was one such try to make more sense of all this but it failed. „Die Suche” a gorgeously developed and produced story for German learners was simply not suitable for group tuition. Yippiy picks up this idea and eliminates its weak spots so that you are able to learn German the most efficient way possible. From the first day to the last you will be guided through a criminal story that makes you want to learn more every single day. All exercises will refer to this story and enhance your experience greatly. Stories have been used for teaching for thousands of years, just look at any religion. They are still using this powerful technique. Stories are perfect tools for your purpose: to learn German the most efficient way possible.

The idea German learning app - coming 2018, yippiy
das Logo / Image by Ray Noland


Of course being able to learn German from home and at any time of the day already provides you with a huge amount of autonomy. But that is not enough. Yippiy wants you to be your own master or mistress. It will teach you amazingly simple learning techniques that you can apply for many other topics later on in your German learning process. It will provide you with a learning cycle that is as powerful for A1 learners as for B2 learners and that offers you a solid and well thought through working structure. Like this you will always exactly know where you have left off your learning and where you have to continue. No searching around for topics or exercises, just clear focus. There is so much more that I will put into Yippiy. I have taught and learned for more than 10.000h in the last 20 years and done my research by reading almost any available book out there on learning and teaching. All this experience is what you will get when you learn German with Yippiy. And you will feel the difference.

Would you Support an Idea that will Change the World?

If you like this vision of mine, of making German learning simpler, more structured and at the same time more efficient, I would like to ask you for your support. I currently run a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise 40.000€ that I still need to pay the programming team of Omitsis.

UPDATE: Yippiy will most likely not exist as a standalone project as I have met Donatas and Claudio from BliuBliu who have changed my view on things significantly. What they are working on is promising and makes my plans to develop a German learning app simply redundant. So I will invest my energy into the development of the most efficient German Online Course ever and let the pros do their work so that we our joint powers will provide you with an incredibly smooth and efficient German learning experience.

This is the most crucial step at the moment and although I will do everything in my power to get by all the money Yippiy requires, it will most likely take me quite a few years to come up with such an amount. I do not want any money lender in this project as Yippiy is pure and excellent in its core. Anyone with only making money in mind would spoil this idea. I’d rather work another ten years on saving the funds myself. Thank you for reading this far. I wish you success with your German.


Michael Schmitz