Danke für all Euer Feedback

I get many comments on youtube of which all (non-troll) are just amazingly soothing. I would like to share them with you in this form. I went back approximately six month. Every feedback motivates me to improve my teaching and to create more material. So, keep it coming.

Thanks to all who have commented and who study or have studied with my videos. Without you my work would not be of any use. Ganz herzlichen Dank.


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Michael Lavocah vor 2 Stunden

Endlich (At last)! Funny Germans tricking us into believing that, even if German is a bit trickier than it ought to be, we can crack it. And it seems to work – I’m a believer. I am just wondering whether the tango that plays under the closing credits (‘Pasional’) was chosen entirely at random, or from a deep German sense of irony? This is what the lyrics have to say to us, the German learning viewers: “… lo que es morir mil veces de ansiedad” – “… what it is to die a thousand times of anxiety” 😉

Thank you for your work – really. Thank you.

gda295 vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet)

Very nice subtitles. And das Klavier klingt  great.  [And the singer]. Great job.

Vahid Mahdavi mehr vor 4 Tagen

this series of videos is just perfect. thank you for your kind effort.

Salvador Allende vor 6 Tagen

nice technique

Ashwini Kumar vor 1 Woche

thank you so much for this, it helped a lot, other rules were hard to grasp, you cannot always think of everything when a word comes up while speaking, but these three mantras are amazing, very practical 🙂

nuncaleite vor 1 Woche

Hahaha I was looking for this song to remember it from class. Poor girl is so embarrassed, it’s so funny to watch hahahah. Good job, this is a better version than what I learned in class 🙂 more videos with the cute shy girl!

Sara Walker vor 1 Woche

this is great

gda295 vor 2 Wochen

this video I have selected as the best one, pound for pound simplification….and therefore the winner!

gda295 vor 2 Wochen

Hello again. and what finely crafted wisdom do I impart today , this time on B1? None….just the usual, thanks for clear explanations, insights into the grammar  which I have yet to deal with in depth  and  the pleasant videos.  15 mins , the lot.

gda295 vor 2 Wochen

But I thought [dachte] that mein, dein etc were possessive adjectives [or pronouns] as in English. V good tips as usual.

gda295 vor 2 Wochen

This is my second day of going thro all the videos   …today A2. These are shot outside…v. professionally produced  [ as are all of them.] Great!

حامد عطية vor 2 Wochen

great work

How can i do that ?!!

my native language is Arabic

gda295 vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet)

great work and much [more] success. your mnemonic tips  even in one video point the right way to go… I have been struggling with a Linguaphone “complete”course” for YEARS ,  4 books , 15 cassettes… still explaining the case / article system half way through in a most laborious manner  with not ONE single mnemonic.  I did memorisation work however of the article/ case charts  and finally it is paying off GRAMMATICALLY but not when it comes to speaking it , even now! No wonder people give up…utmost perseverance with that course.

Mebratu Kassaye vor 3 Wochen

I think this is the best channel to learn German easily and faster, keep going and you can achieve your goal.

Montero Aurelio vor 3 Wochen

ich liebe deustch! das video was sehr wichtig fur mir! danke schon!

Nika Megrelidze vor 3 Wochen

hahahahaa ^^ nice lessons btw)

pow Piw vor 3 Wochen

OHH wow! thank you so much!!! this is super helpful :DD

Pankaj Kumar vor 4 Wochen

+smarterGerman Danke. that was really useful. I can’t believe I remembered every word in this video. 🙂

jose miguel Echeverria vor 4 Wochen

Man you are awsome, you just did in 4:26 what I couldn`t do in days of studying from books. thanks so much.

noura nouri vor 1 Monat

my God bless you , you are the best <3 Am in Tuebingen how can i have the chance to meet you ^^ ?

noura nouri vor 1 Woche

+smarterGerman for suuuuuuuuuuuure 🙂 if i will come to Berlin i will contact you 🙂

you inspire me to actively seek intelligence ^^
mit freundlichen Grüssen

Tiffany Fazon vor 1 Monat

Thank you very much! You clearly and concisely explained relative clauses and I now have a better understanding of its application! Will definitely be watching more of your videos 🙂

Ahmed reza Muhseni vor 1 Monat

wirklich sehr schön

Fadi Alrahil vor 1 Monat

Really, thank you for the beautiful advice. I was desperate from the German language, but when I saw you and your videos, especially the second and third lesson, made me feel hopeful. Thank you ..you are amazing :-)..

Fadi Alrahil vor 1 Monat

Thank you very much for this wonderful explanation .I think you made the articles easier for me . Frankly, they drive me crazy.

mediacenter pc vor 1 Monat

Mein  Gott! Where was this song a couple months ago. Brilliant learning technique.

Violet Blue vor 1 Monat

Great video! How do I learn what Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ and Genitiv means?

Betül Emre vor 1 Monat

I’ve just discovered your channel. I am so happy that I find finally what I need. I start to learn German because I will be in Cologne next March with ERASMUS programme. I need to start from the first step. Thank you for this awasome videos. You are great 🙂

QAyS Rayyan vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet)

you are brilliant, finally a way to memorize the table that makes sense!

Soepa Tenz vor 1 Monat

Viele dank 🙂

何聿喬 vor 1 Monat

Ich komme aus Taiwan und lerne Deutsch jetzt, Das video ist sehr gut!!!!!!! Danke schön!


Hello, I just found your channel right now and I enjoyed watching your video ,you are doing great job , I have b1 test next month and can you please tell some advices .. I live In Austria Tirol ..and do you do on line course in skype for example and how its working ,, Many thanks , Rami

Chris Gutiérrez vor 1 Monat

This is great. Thank you so much!

Irina F vor 1 Monat

Thank you very much for these lessons! They are really very helpful by teaching! Also vielen Dank für Ihre Arbeit! 🙂

Erik N. Martinsen vor 1 Monat

Crispy rules are definitely the best kind of rules. 😉

Erik N. Martinsen vor 1 Monat

37 videos on German, 37 different shirts and pullovers. That’s the impression so far, at least. 😉

Josué Cox vor 1 Monat

Thank you very much for doing this. Thanks for your time and thanks for trying to do things the right way. Have a good time!

Sajeeb Aziz vor 2 Monaten

for the first time i enjoyed my lesson with German article! THANK YOU 🙂

Stacey B. vor 2 Monaten

Es ist GENIAL!! Danke schoen

Mohamad Al-Turk vor 2 Monaten

I think you’re lucky to have a wife that works as a fashion designer

mahan mayuran vor 2 Monaten

thank you so much sir ,,, i have the A1 exam in couple of weeks ,, im so nervous 🙁  at the same time its helping so much for me

Yaseя еriboy vor 2 Monaten

Thanks alot…for this funny.Clearly  lesson

gobethestranger vor 2 Monaten

omg this is going to be easy to remember if i can play it on piano, and the tune is just calming, making it easier to sink in.. thanks!

Learn German with Herr Antrim vor 2 Monaten

Great idea to remember what gender nouns are, but one small thing. “Wal” in English is spelled with an “H” (i.e. whale).

Vy Tran vor 2 Monaten

Das ist schön. Vielen Dank!

Vy Tran vor 2 Monaten

I’m curious that did she know nothing about German from begining? Is it truth that she just used 14 days to prepare for B1 exam? Wie könnte sie das machen?

Érika de Pádua vor 2 Monaten

Danke sehr!

justlaughitoutyo vor 2 Monaten

Great, innovative techniques, as always! Congratulations to you and to Maggie Jabczynski! By the way, I still owe you a complete review on your recent effort “Greek in 30 Days”. I still haven’t managed to see the whole series, but I hope I will do that soon. Bis bald, Michael!

Alex Yuuki vor 2 Monaten


Dorothy Ambogo vor 2 Monaten

i watch your vedios they help alot thanks >>

Czarina Ventures vor 2 Monaten

hi sir…i am currently studying german..and i find it very confusing…i saw one of your videos about the articles…its very helpful..hope u upload more videos..=)

White Willey vor 2 Monaten

Thanks soooo much! I made my previous comment out of ignorance before I truly understood the video, but it’s clear to me now. You’re a great help 🙂

G Ball vor 2 Monaten

Are you going to be doing another one of these series? I really enjoyed watching the progress of Ewelina over the 14 days. I believe I remember you saying that you like to do another one of these series (if people were interested). I would love to be a part of that next project!

Sonu s vor 2 Monaten

Nice video to remember two way preposition.

Sonu s vor 2 Monaten

Superb video on Dative preposition in German.

Elucido vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)

I was very surprised to see Lithuanian words on this channel! Great lesson, can’t wait to see (and learn) more! 🙂

Cristian D’Aloisio vor 2 Monaten

Video molto interessante! Solo un appunto: Hase é la lepre, coniglio é Kaninchen 😉

Érika de Pádua vor 2 Monaten

Danke sehr!

ida faal vor 2 Monaten

So  very interesting, thank you

shemaine mari sol vor 3 Monaten

Thank you ver much!

nassir arghandiwal vor 3 Monaten

hello,i realy thank you. becous of your helpful videos ,we are learning deutsch at home.we never been  any deutsch corse,but we able to speak littil bit deutsch.jetzt ich habe ein frage,wie ich kaan finden [day 02 bis day 09  A1]. ich besuche aber nicht antwort.vielen dank

wadiyyah salaam vor 3 Monaten

Danke danke Danke!!!

rafae jeridi vor 3 Monaten


shiva naik vor 3 Monaten

danke shon

Raymenstein Romario vor 3 Monaten

Toll Das ist die beste Grammatik video die habe ich sehen, ich habe dieses video gegen 10 mall sehen und ich will auch eine anderes 10 mall sehen !!

Lwarence Taylor vor 3 Monaten

You sir are an excellent teacher of this language. I have subscribed and hope that you continue making these wonderful videos.

artistsComplex vor 3 Monaten

As someone who’s new to learning the language (by myself), I feel self-conscious (and might, at times, over-think) about how long/short my vowels are and if they’re long/short enough, so I appreciate your attention to that greatly. Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

Nuno Barreto vor 3 Monaten

Finally I understood 😀

Nuno Barreto vor 3 Monaten

Finally I understood 😀

Samir Zaheer vor 3 Monaten

Danke..I finally discovered the ich sound..yeaaaa..!!! 🙂

Divya Kuppuswamy vor 3 Monaten

Your sessions are very helpful & comprehensive. Could you please share A1 German Grammar Videos from Day 2 to 9. I could find the Day 1 & then  could find only from Day 10.

Henri Myftiu vor 4 Monaten

Thank you, I look forward to more of your videos.

Harvinder Mand vor 4 Monaten

very good.. thanks for teaching nice way.. sehr scho’’n

deniseorita vor 4 Monaten

Wow thank you so much for uploading, I have been trying to get my head around this for ages and failing,but now the light has come on and I can see my way through very happy indeed

GK Parkour&FreeRun vor 4 Monaten

Sehr nützlich Video

Gaetano Pappalardo vor 3 Monaten

We hope to have as soon as possible all lessons. Your method is amazing and easy!

Guardian PetShop vor 4 Monaten

I’m a senior and I have been watching your videos for about a week studying for my final, I go a 96% if I wasn’t god you, I’d probably fail 🙂

arba vor 5 Monaten

Awesome way to memorize them

john lennon vor 5 Monaten

The phrase “it’s not too sexy right now” just killed me xD

Anja Mueller Auf Google+ geteilt · vor 5 Monaten

I love the song. Almost better than the original 🙂

Anil Samuel vor 5 Monaten

Vielen Dank. Seine Video war sehr behilflich

Vany Lacey vor 5 Monaten

Sehr gute, Danke!

Vadim Vdovik vor 5 Monaten

Vielen Dank. Es helf mir viele.

Roopa M vor 5 Monaten

Good trick to remember articles…. Nice Job.

vishakha mody vor 6 Monaten

vielen danke……..

Loubena Ben Tamansourt vor 6 Monaten

vielen Dank!

Bharat Chaudhary vor 6 Monaten

You are a great great teacher! 😀

Kevin De Vecchis vor 6 Monaten

Finally, I learnt it! Thanks

Paris Karagkounis vor 6 Monaten

It has been my pleasure Mike. This project has been amazing and it shows how much innovative and passionate you are about teaching and learning foreign languages !

Dora Thea vor 6 Monaten

What a catchy and fun song. Thank you! As a beginner I found the prepositions to be quite confusing. You’ve made them seem a lot simpler. 🙂

Umang Moda vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet)

My beliefs are exactly the same. I was smitten too when I started learning German. Thoughts about how much there is to learn and where to begin from and how I am going to go about it made me so tired that I was feeling very lost. Your approach is also exactly the approach I was looking for too.

KittyDreadful vor 6 Monaten

…your videos make me so happy…thank you for taking the time to put these out.

kuldeep Singh vor 6 Monaten

vilen danke fuer deinen informationen. Die videos sind sehr nett und auch erklaeren alle grammatik structures mit den beispiel….

Alvison Hunter vor 7 Monaten

Prima! du bist das besten Deutsch  lehrer immer!

mhd bek vor 7 Monaten

Thank you very much for sharing these videos with us.

Jodie Catherine vor 7 Monaten

I was struggling with this for ages,I can’t thank you enough!!

Todd Scott vor 7 Monaten

Thank you Michael. I really appreciate your attempt at being the living the students experience. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work. Cheers, T

ilikecake48 vor 7 Monaten

I never thought of emotion as an obstacle to overcome when trying to learn. It makes a lot of sense now that I think about it.