German B1 exam in 14 Days – The Results


German B1 exam in 14 days?

Yesterday I picked up Ewelina’s German B1 exam results. They felt sorry for having Ewelina missed the exam by 10 points. I smiled as I knew that she had achieved something incredible nevertheless as she had only learned German for 14 days of which 4 days she couldn’t work fully or even at all and had only had 30h of instruction.

Let me explain the results of the test to you that you see above (click here to see Ewelina’s certificate). To pass you need to pass two individually tested parts: a written and an oral exam. To pass each part you have to achieve a certain minimum amount of points. (click here to see the rule in original)

Ewelina has reached 125,5 points in the written part but would have needed 135 points to pass that part. The “Sprachbausteine” which is a really tough exercise for anyone taking that exam and the writing which we calculated to be the weakest part were the only parts where she failed. Her reading skills (60%) and listening skills (73%) were more than sufficient and the oral exam she passed also with an overall score of 84%. If she took the German B1 exam again she wouldn’t have to redo the oral part.

Even calculating all her points together she would have passed that exam if it wasn’t for that rule above. One needs at least 180 of 300 points to pass and Ewelina had an overall score of 188,5.

You judge these results for yourself. I can just pull my hat for Ewelina’s commitment and achievement. I haven’t seen anything like this in over 14 years in the job. Chapeau, Ewelina.

As I can only assume what would have been if Ewelina hadn’t become sick during the project and after having analyzed with her the weak spots of the project I can assure you that if you bring the right motivation and skill with you, passing the German B1 exam from scratch in just 14 days is possible if you do it the right way.

Of course we are both aware that passing an exam is not the same as really being eloquent on that level. Ewelina stated in the first follow-up video after the exam that she felt confident about being at A2 and not yet sure about her B1 skills. But it certainly surprised her that she was better than she had thought. By now she surely would pass the German B1 exam with ease and feels a lot more confident about her German.

Personally, I have learned a lot from these 14 days that I could already integrate into my daily work so that from my point of view, these results just put the cherry on the cake. I am amazed and will now focus on creating my German learning platform.

I want to thank you, Ewelina for participating this fully despite all hindrances and for performing splendidly. It was a challenge and we have mastered it well. Dziekuje Ci.

And my warmest regards to you, dear blog reader and German learner, who has followed us on this exciting and challenging journey. I hope that our work has given you confidence in your task to learn German. You see it is not as difficult as it might seem. Admittedly, only few will ever learn German in 14 days but it is possible and even if you manage to reach B1 in three to six months, it is all in all a huge achievement.

I wish you all viel Erfolg with your German B1 exam and wish you all the strenght and discipline you need to win this challenge.

Michael Schmitz

German B1 exam
der Vierzehnte – the fourteenth / Image via Pixabay

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