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Want to learn German in 2015?

If one of your goals for 2015 is to learn or to improve your German, I would love to support you.

Until the 31st of March 2015, I will offer a 100% refund to anyone who purchases my complete German grammar course for beginners* (or try the B2 German Grammar Video Course) also av set who takes and passes a German B1 exam either at a Goethe Institut of your choice or at an institution that is certified by TELC.  All I want in return is a scan of your B1 certificate and your permission to publish it on any of my channels with a lovely picture of you.

The exam has to be taken until the 31st of March 2015. You will still get the refund if you reach in your certificate a month or two later as those usually take a few weeks to issue. Important is the date of the exam. And you don’t have to be an absolute beginner. The offer stands even if you have already passed the A2 exam.  I hope you like this idea and that you will be successful in your endeavor to learn German.

My best wishes and a happy new year.
Your Michael

*Please use the link above to purchase the course as it helps me to track the effect of this campaign. All data remains within my domain and not google or any other 3rd party. Due to technical issues it will not lead you directly to the course, but I think you will manage to find it nevertheless.

Conditions overview:

The 100% refund only applies when all of the following points are fulfilled:

-you are aware that you will need additional material to pass the B1 exam as my course if focussing on grammar only
-your B1 exam is taken with a Goethe Institut or at an institution certified by TELC
-your B1 exam is taken until the 31st of March 2015
-you can be at any level below B1 for the refund to apply
-you have passed that exam.
-you send me a scan of the certificate, a nice photo of yourself and grant me permission to use it for smarterGerman.

Some helpful links:
Goethe-Institut sample exams (make sure to check out their sample video of an oral exam)
TELC sample exams
The best vocabulary trainer out there: memrise
An easy reader that I use to work with my clients
(you will find a ready made vocabulary course on memrise)
My German Pronunciation Course
Find a conversation partner or tutor on italki

13 Replies to “German Grammar Practice Course for Free”

    1. Dear Towski, unfortunately the deadline is the 31st of March, hence it does not apply for you. I am sorry not to have better news. I wish you success nevertheless and a happy new year despite this disappointment.

      1. Thank you denkmuskel, I asked this question because I saw up there that You will still get the refund if you reach in your certificate a month or two later.

        1. Ok, thanks. I will have to make that clearer. The certificate is usually issued a few weeks later and therefore can be reached in later than the 31st of March. But the exam has to be taken by then.

  1. I am so up for this challenge, but my question is, do you have to have already passed A1 & A2 tests in order to take a B1 test at one of the aforementioned institutions? Or can anyone simply register for the B1 test?

    Danke im voraus!

      1. Hi Shawn, yes, unfortunately I haven’t yet figured out how to direct the tracking link directly to the product page. Should you have an idea, I’d be thankful.

    1. Hi Shawn, no, you can take any exam without prior having taken any exam. Usually it suffices to tell them that you have prepared with a private tutor or by yourself. In the end it’s your money and their benefit.
      Gerne 😉

        1. Then I hope you have a beautiful photo of yours where you show your victorious eyes and smile 😉
          Ich drücke die Daumen. Auf geht’s.

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