Germany Mourns over Paris Attack

One minute of silence fell all over Germany today, as people from all major cities gathered to mourn for the loss of 129 people in the Paris attacks over the weekend.

Locals and tourists gathered outside the French embassy in Berlin, just meters away from the Brandenburger Tor, to pay homage to those killed at the Paris attacks. The French ambassador Philippe Etienne joined the small crowd. On midday even Berlin’s S-Bahn trains haled their services as a sign of remembrance.

Political analysts now indicate that the German government is divided on the recent refugee crisis and seems quite likely to turn more austere.

One response to “Germany Mourns over Paris Attack”

  1. Thanks, Michael! Your posting is on the right way.

    I am very sensible about this because how we overcome the migrant problem is how others in Europe, but also around the world, see our country.

    Maybe I post later on in German for my english is still somewhat small to say the thoughts I have.

    It will be nice to hear from you.

    Bis demnaechst,

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