Learning German (B1) in 14 Days ?

ATTENTION: This project was in 2014 and you can’t apply anymore.

No One Learns a Language in Two Weeks, Right?

But what if you could learn German in a Fortnight? Would you go for it?

Imagine a world in which German wouldn’t be “Deutsche Sprache-Schwere Sprache” but the language that could actually be learned in just 14 days. I am speaking of learning it from scratch until B1, a process that in groups here in Berlin language schools would need approximately 720 lessons or six intensive months after which only about 60% pass the B1 exam. Wouldn’t you rather invest 14 days to get a solid base that you could build on?

I am Certain, That we can do This

-You will get 56 private lessons for free but not for nothing-

smarterGerman is giving you the chance to save more than 400 hours of time (i.e.  560 lessons) and up to 7.200€ tuition (that’s what the leading school in Berlin is taking for six months of ‘intensive’ tuition). It is absolutely for free(I even pay your exam, no matter the outcome)but not for nothing. You will need to fulfill a few requirements that you can find on this page on which you can also apply for the project. It is a lot of work but for a very limited amount of time and I am sincerely convinced that you will not only pass the B1 exam at the Berlin Goethe Institut after that short time but  also that you will  have an amazingly good and natural command of German according to that level. Besides: It will make you incredibly happy if you pass that exam.

How long does it take to learn German?, learning german b1
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Wörst Case Zenario

The worst that could happen is that you simply don’t pass that exam. So what? You will still have learned an immense amount of German and will surely have passed level A2. Besides you will have learned incredibly powerful techniques to speed up your further effort to master the German language.

If you think you are the right person, go ahead to the project page and make sure to read and fulfill all the requirements. I don’t just give away free tuition to just anybody. I want my time to be well invested, so do you, right? Then all that’s left is to click the big red apply-button and you are in the nearer choice. I will pick the candidate in the first days of March and let you know if you hit the jackpot or not. That will leave you a 12 days notice period to apply for a leave from your job if necessary.

I wish you a great time and am looking forward to working with you.

Michael Schmitz

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  1. Dear Michael,

    I was running a google search for ‘german visa a1 appeal’ and came across your website. I’ve got a job in Cologne, Germany and my visa for long term employment was sucessfully issued to me. However, my wife, who I want to accompany me with my son, got a requirement for the A1 exam document to be submitted by September 15th 2019. She knows nothing of German. We’ve been told to submit an appeal but we’re not sure of the outcome. I don’t know if she falls into the ‘qualifying’ category outlined by you, but what you’re saying seems appealing. Any help you could offer me would be really great.

    • Dear Rahul, I’m not sure whether I have already responded to your request. I do not offer any private tutoring any more. And while it is possible to learn A1 German within a month, it strongly depends on the learner’s skills and background and also strongly on the tutor/approach. Unfortunately I don’t offer an A1 approach yet and therefore can not help you at this point. You might want to contact Andrea from https://livelygerman.com and see what she feels would work in your case. I wish you and your family success and love.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I got your A1 to B1 course. I think the videos and the worksheet along with it is pure gold. Thanks a lot. I’m yet to go through them in detail but I loved what I saw. As of yesterday I just cleared my A2. My B1 course starts on Feb 11th, my plan is to go through all the videos from your course along with the workbook exercises so my grammar is on point before I start B1. There’s another grammar course for B2 on your site? Is this for B1 or B2 ? – It says – These are the same videos as those in my old (!) B1 course. I re-labeled them as I found them to be of B2 level difficulty. So if you have bought any of my packages before 2016, there’s no need to
    purchase this course again. I just checked I bought the A1 to B1 grammar course on Jan 9th. Does the B2 course go in detail on Konjuntiv 2 and other stuff? And is this something I need to look into right now from the grammar aspect of it for my journey with B1? Or will just your previous grammar course on A1 to B1 be enough? Let me know.


    • Dear Priyanka,

      thank you for your lovely feedback. Please understand that I can’t advice you for free as I simply don’t have the time to do so. But a few quick words to set you in the right direction:
      Do not focus on grammar for any exam!!! All exams require you to understand and produce written texts and audio which of course contain grammar but they do no explicitly ask for knowledge of grammar. Make sure to read as much as possible and listen to the texts that you read. Also make sure to search the internet for “B1 German model exam” also on youtube where you will find samples of the oral exam. Make sure to internalize the structure of the oral exam so that there will be no bad surprises. Work through as many ! model exams as you can get in your hands. There are also affordable books out there e.g. this one: https://amzn.to/2kL8Wwc with more sample exams. The biggest problems for examinees are the listening comprehension, Sprachbaustein (gap tests) and writing. Make sure to get a hang of those. Ideally you find a tutor who could answer your questions that arise while learning on your own. You don’t need my B2 grammar course for the B1 exam which is why I have renamed it to its actual name. B2 means that it prepares you for B2. You could also watch it as a total beginner and would understand everything, but it makes sense to acquire B1 level first as that is what you are going to be tested at.
      My best wishes for your B1 Prüfung and viel Erfolg mit Deinem Deutsch.
      Herzlichen Gruß

      PS: You have purchased the A1-B1 course in 2017. That comment regarding the renaming does not apply to your situation.

    • Hi Mahesh,
      Yippiy never saw the light of day but has had great influence on my work. May I ask where you have read about it as I thought I had added this information to any article about it.

  3. Dear Denkmuskel,

    Tnaks for the quick reply… Any materials that I can buy and I can learn by referring those ? I watched some of your youtube videos… you certainly seem to have a trick or special approach to German language… Makes it easy and assured…

    I am looking at ordering :”A1-B1 German Grammar Course”… Are they available? Any other material you recommend? My goal is B1 in 6 months

    • Dear Mahesh,
      I recommend the A1-B1 and the reading course in my shop. And ideally you hire a private tutor. Read my article about tutors for more information on how to get the most out of your money and time.
      You can preview both courses sufficiently and make your own decision. The reading course comes with an easy reader in pdf form.
      I hope this helps you a bit with your aim.

  4. Hello I am interested to join this course… please let me know the next steps

    • Dear Joshi, this project has long come to an end (2014 + 2015) and I do not offer such courses simply due to economical reasons. I’d have to charge 20.000€ for such a course as it would not guarantee long term results if not followed up properly. You can apply for private lessons with me. The conditions you’ll find on my page called “Private Lessons”.
      My best wishes,

  5. Hallo!

    I want to take the A2 test. I attended the classes for A1 at a nearby volkshochschule as arranged by an integration course by the goverment. I was supposed to attend the classes further till the B1 level but as I am pregnant and only a few weeks away from my due date I had to leave the course in between. Now as I have no idea about how will my lifestyle change once the kid arrives, I am not sure if I’ll be able to attend any more classes at least for 1 whole year. Can you help me in preparing for A2 level exam from home itself, so that at least I can take the test. I’ll be highly thankful.

  6. Wow!! ‘am confusing when l saw that this was the project of the year of 2014, what about now? is that possible that you can teach me? l real want to know and to speak German

    • Dear Joseph, of course you can book my services. Please check out my conditions and prices on the page “private lessons”. If what you see there appeals to you, please introduce yourself as elaborately as possible and share you background and aims with me. Have a good Sunday. Herzlichst, Michael

  7. Hello Michael,
    I always had this passion in me to learn an foreign language, but was always in dilemma to select what language would be beneficial to me or if i could connect with it internally, so i gave it a try for french, Spanish, Arabic and German in little amounts through some android app.
    Without any doubt, German is the language i have connected very well.
    Now i have decided to learn German and become certified, but the only problem is i couldn’t depend on android apps to do it and that is when i started to browse and happened to visit your blog and felt very good the way you respond and answer the solution for the problems.
    I would be happy, if your guidance would help me learn better German

    Best Regards,
    Akram Shaik

    • Dear Akram,
      thank you for your lovely feedback and I’m happy to hear that you enjoy learning German. I unfortunately can’t advice you in more detail than I already do here on my blog and on quora e.g. as I am extremely busy with my personal trainings and other projects these days. You would have to hire me to get more specific guidance. But my posts already provide a lot of helpful advices which you will certainly benefit from.
      I hope you understand.
      My best wishes and viel Erfolg mit Deinem Deutsch

  8. Hi,

    How can I attend your private lessons for free? I want to work in Germany as a nurse and it requires a language level until B2 to be able to start finding an employer. I am about to start learning when I saw your page. What are the requirements you needed in exchange for these lessons. I will appreciate your help. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much

    Best regards,

    • Dear Gemmalyn,
      I have answered you in more detail via mail but let me share some wisdom that I have gained over the years with you: If you want something for free you need to offer something in return. What would you have to offer in return for a program that costs me time worth 7000EUR?
      Take your time to learn German and learn it properly. If you want to work here as a nurse, it doesn’t matter whether you start working still in 2016 or 2017. Rather invest one more year in establishing solid German skills, then you will have a more secure and satisfying future over here.
      My best wishes

  9. Dear Michael,

    Any plans to conduct “LEARNING GERMAN IN 14 DAYS” in 2016 to get to B1 level. I am genuinely interested and willing to pay for it as well. Please advise.

    Best regards,


  10. I have completed my A1 Level in German. I work for Deutsche Post DHL (Mumbai). I am planning to pursue my higher studies in Germany, so I might need your advise regarding the procedure to get this started.

    • Dear Sumit,
      how do you think I could help you? Are you looking for a private tutor or free advice?
      For the latter I recommend that you browse through my blog or look me up on quora where I answered quite a few questions regarding how to learn German efficiently.

      If you look for a private tutor, please send me a private mail with a bit more background about your language learning history and motivation behind learning German beyond wanting to work for a German company. What do you love about the German language and culture? As without a grain of love, I can’t teach you as there is nothing to grow but cold facts. But if you show even a tiny bit of passion, I can work with you. I can’t see that from your comment.

      Best regards,

  11. Dear Master,
    I am well please with the way you reply to comments and also the pieces of advice you add to it. I am a registered nurse, 33 years old and have been working for the past six years. I have been to Germany once for and in-service training on how to work in the operating room. During my stay there I came in contact with a vast number of medical equipments use in medicine. Back in my country we equally have some of the equipments but a majority of which are packed in the magazine because they are bad and no one competent enough to repair them. I investigated and found out that we do not have medical engineers here as Germany does. Not only my hospital is facing this problem but many other hospitals around the country. To go straight to the point , I wish to study medical engineering I Germany. I got admission for an undergraduate course in Medizintechnik in FAU Erlangen-Nünberg. Because of the nature of my job I was hardly given permission upon my demand to attend to my appointment at the embassy. I did not also want to disclosed my plans to them so as to gain collaboration for fear of the unknown. I applied for a study leave and was granted four years. I intend to reapply for winter semester 2016. My worry is this, shall my intention of changing my career/profession be an issue at the level of the embassy? I am highly motivated to go and do this curse because the services are needed now and even more in future. I had my A-level since 2003 and I have never been Idle from then till date. Right now as I am studying the German language I am lecturing Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry In a private secondary school on a part-time base. This will serve as preparation for my engineering course in winter. I found this website because i am preparing for my B1 exam in seven weeks from now. Please kindly tell me without reservation if I am making sense. Thanks for your kind consideration. I am looking forward to hear from you.

    • Dear Ngwitaboh,
      I wouldn’t refer to myself or anyone as master. There is no need to make yourself less than you are. That being said, I have to admit that I don’t get your point. Could you re-formulate your interest in a simpler more to the point way? Like e.g. Is it possible to get to B1 on one’s own in just 7 weeks.
      Thank you for your cooperation

  12. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the informative blog. I would like to know whether it is compulsory to join a course from institutes like Goethe, VHS, etc., to sit in the different levels of exams (from A1 to C2) or one can simply register at Goethe Institute to give the exam. As I read somewhere that one needs to attend certain hours of studying German language before applying for an exam. Can one study at home and sit directly for the exam?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Dear Vrisha,
      here in Germany and in Switzerland you could take the TELC or Goethe exam as an external testee meaning you wouldn’t have to take any classes with the testing institution. Hope that helps you.

  13. Hi
    I am kunal raj .i have commented B.A with German language …i have expression for A1 ,A2 ,B1.C1 Class . i am looking for German job…please help me

    • Dear Kunal Raj,
      I honestly couldn’t make any sense of your English and therefore would advice you to look for a German teacher who speaks your mother tongue. What do you mean by German job? If with that level of English you’d like to work in Germany, I can only advice you to stay where you are. Your life here will be very challenging and make you unhappy. You will be exploited and have to work for very little money while the cost of living is high here compared to your standards. Dealing with authorities and Germans will be a constant struggle. You will most likely be better off trying to improve your professional skill and then find a better paid job in your home-country. At least you will be familiar with the culture and structures which will make your life much easier and you’ll be more successful in providing your family with a solid income.
      Please also read my reply above to another reader who dreamt of a better life here in Germany.
      Keep things real, Kunal Raj. Dreaming blindly only makes your life worse.
      Take good care and all my best wishes for your future.

  14. Dear Master,
    My whole story that i want to join Bochum University, I want to pass B2 or even C2 exam, can you help me doing it in 1-2 months ?
    I will have 16 – 20 free hours per day to study.

    I really hope we contact on email.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Bara,
      I have seen too many potential students fail to just ignore your absurd request. I think you need a reality check and I say the following words from the depth of my heart no matter how rude you might think they are. I fear no one has yet been really honest with you and that you will gloriously fail if I don’t speak up.
      I also write this to all others out there with false hopes. So please read the following extremely carefully and consider me your teacher.

      First of all: Who is able to study 16-20 hours per day, no matter what the subject? You name B2 and C2 in one sentence which shows that you have no idea of what those levels actually mean. You can find a description here.
      The standard time to reach B2 is nine months in a group. C2 takes two years of consistent study. While I could imagine to reach B2 in 30 days with a gifted language learner, reaching level C2 with such effort would be out of a normal person’s financial if not physical reach. I’d charge you roughly 20000€ to get you through the B2 exam but wouldn’t be able to predict the quality of your German that results from this trip without having worked with you for about a week.
      I strongly suggest that you take at least another year to make more realistic plans and prepare not only your German much better but also get to know the German culture as much as possible via TV / Internet or Schroll-Machl’s “Doing Business with Germans”. You never just learn a language, you also learn a culture. And our culture is vastly different from yours. There are so many things that you will be confronted with that can easily make your experience over here a trip to hell. Your question indicates that you are not aware at all of the challenge that you would take on if you came here unprepared.
      What reason other than false hopes of a better life could you possibly have to want to learn German to a university level in 2 months? Even if you have already had some experience with studying at a university in your home country, studying in Germany requires much more than just being able to pass a TestDaF exam.
      You will find yourself having to learn a set of new skills and get used to doing a lot of work on your own in a foreign language without much help from the outside. You will have to deal with money issues as living in Germany will cost you roughly 600-800€ per month if you live a very humble life for 3-5 years to come depending on the degree you are having in mind. You most likely will have to study longer than the average German student due to language deficits and the unfamiliar environment. Maybe you will even have to work to get by. That easily sums up to 7,200€ – 9,600€ per year and a total cost of 21,600€-30,000€ for the 600€ monthly cost variant. For the more likely 800€ version you’d need 28,800€-48,000€. You may subtract the living costs you’d have if you studied in your country. But I assume that those would be around half of the here mentioned amount if not less if you are still living with your family. And these numbers rely on everything working out as planned with no unforeseen events coming up. And as we all know, life always works out as planned.
      Without proper German, you will most likely either be very lonely here for a long period of time or stick around other foreigners, which will reduce your chances of becoming a solid C1 speaker of German any time soon. At the very least it will slow down your German learning progress.

      I could go on for another hour but will stop here as I think I have made my point very clear. You might think that I am a pessimist and that you are different than all the others who didn’t make it. You might be right with the latter, but statistically, 50% of students from other countries do not finish their studies and those issues that I have mentioned play a huge role here. And I am pretty realistic about just everything. I didn’t say that you can’t come here nor that would never make it. I just say, prepare much much better than you currently seem to have prepared yourself and you stand a realistic chance. Your life over here will always be harder than it is where you are right now, no matter what you might belive. The competition will be more fierce because your language skill will always be inferior compared to a native. You might find jobs in English language though that pay well. But even those require skills that can compete with all the other aspiring young men and women that try to make a decent living in this country. And if you are unfamiliar with our culture, you will always be and feel like an alien and be at constant risk of losing your job due to some avoidable misunderstanding. And trust me they happen even to those who have travelled the world or like me met people from probably every single country of this planet.
      While travelling and living abroad is an absolutely life-changing experience and therefore recommended, just blindly going somewhere and hope for the best is the worst strategy ever. And I can say that not only from my own experience but from observing hundreds of others struggling to get by in this country.
      Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Do not hope for anything. Nothing miraculous will happen. Only hard and continuous work for years to come await you here. Are you really ready for that? Then prepare first and pack your suitcase in a year from now.
      My best wishes for your future. If you decide to ignore my advice despite asking me for it, and if after a few years of living here manage to proof me wrong, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to hear that and would love to have a chat with you as you are definitely an outstanding person that I’d like to conquer the world with.
      Until then, take good care.

  15. Dear Michael,

    I am from Hong Kong and nice to meet you. I basically know nothing about German but I am interested in this language and I am now dedicated into it. Given by some personal reasons, I desperately want to lever my German level to at least B1 within 4 months. However, in Hong Kong, learning German in Institutions including Goethe would take me at least 2 years to reach B1. I know it is physically impossible to have you as my tutor since I am in Hong Kong. Could you give me some advice on how to learn German to B1 level within 4 months given my circumstances? Do you have online class or other things that you recommend me to buy? Thanks a lot!

    Best Regards

  16. Dear Michael,

    Thank you very much for your fascinating support that you are offering for all people.
    I planned to start apply for jobs in germany next june or july 2016 after finishing my engineering studies.
    I know that the first key is language. I started to learn via internet with some sites like DW site and other and i planned to start studies in Goethe institute in Febrary.

    I will be so grateful if i get some advices and help from your side to reach B1 or B2 level next July. And note that i could assist in goethe just till A2 level. Awaiting for your honorable answer i want to Thank you very much even to read my message

    Best regards

    • Dear Mohamed,
      thank you for your kind words. I practically know nothing about you and therefore “helping” you would cost me too much time. Please elaborate where you come from which means, physically as well as education-wise. Also let me know whether you have read my blog, seen my videos on youtube or udemy and maybe read my answers on quora.com. After that I might be able to guide you a bit.

      Danke Dir

      PS: I don’t understand what you mean by “I could assist in Goethe just till A2 level”. Do you mean participate?

  17. Hallo,

    Can please guide me how to clear A1 level in one go und how many hours of study is required.
    I have only 20 days with me before examination. Is it possible to study and clear A1 within 20 days?
    I am studying at max muller plus joined personal tuition to clear examination within 20 days, is this really possible?

    • Dear Rupali,
      sure it’s possible. You could do A1 in a week if you bring certain skills with you and have the right guidance. Use memrise to enhance your vocab efficiently and make sure to take a look at some A1 trial exams from the Goethe-Institut homepage and watch sample oral exams on youtube.

      Go for it.
      Viel Erfolg and let us know how it went.

  18. Dear Sir, I want to start from 0 and get level B2 within 2-3 months max to go further on my career, is it possible? Noting that I’m 36 years old and working 9 hours daily 5 days in the week… I will do my best but need someone to put me in the correct path and seek your kind support and help

    • Dear Moataz, I’m sorry to disappoint you right away. With such little time at hand to study you will never reach B2 in such short time. Especially if you live in a non-German-speaking country. It usually takes 4.5hrs for five days per week for 9 months without holidays to reach B2 in a group. Should you be free to study 3-5 hours per day including 90 mins of private tuition per day, you might be able to reach B2 in 4-6 months. You are also 36 years old and most likely would need more time than a 23 year old with which I have achieved B2 in three months. The costs would also be around 10.000€. I suggest that you rethink your professional plans and adapt them to your situation. You didn’t mention any good reason regarding why you’d need to learn German in just 3 months. The mere wish to advance in your career is not strong enough a motivation from my experience of the last 15 years with over a thousand students. Take your time and work consistently on your goal but keep it as real as you can. I wouldn’t take you on as a student as we would certainly fail.

      Feel free to approach me as soon as you are clearer about your aims. I’d also appreciate if you could provide me with more information about yourself the next time you contact me as every information you provide saves me invaluable life-time and also enables me to give more precise and therefore more helpful answers.

      I hope you understand my position and wish you success with your German.
      Best regards,

  19. Hi,

    My objective is to crack German A1 in 2 months, but I don’t have any prior knowledge of the language. Is it achievable for me, If I am determined to spend 3 hours of quality time a day to learn this? More over I couldn’t find the rates for private lessons to crack German A1 level in your website – would you mind sharing the package details with me?

    • Dear Remya,
      I could offer you A1 in two weeks or even less, depending on your skills. You’d have to work 3hrs daily according to my instructions. You don’t find any rates for such a project, as it is simply too rare asked for and compared to the outcome the costs are pretty steep. You’d need max. 10 lessons with me and max. 10 x 30mins with my conversation trainer costing you max. 1400€ for A1 only (exam excluded). If you are skilled and quick on your feet you might get out of this for less. But without having talked to you, it is hard to predict that. As you have 2 months of time at hand you might as well go to any language school and take a group class for 400€ (for both months together). sG pays off if you need to save time and want the most individual, flexible and efficient German learning service available. Take a look at this sample. It might give you an idea of what is expected.

  20. Hey sir,i am keenly intrested in learning german as i am thinking to apply in german universities for masters,i dnt have any prior knowledge about it but right now i am going through youtube lectures,is it a sufficient study material or i require more.further looking for your reply.

    • Dear Himanshi, my material is thought as additional material to any German language course. It is highly unlikely that you will pass any B1 exam solely working with my work. I strongly suggest that you look for a German tutor on italki.com / verbling.com or livemoccha.com. Meet him twice per week for 45-60mins to provide you with daily (!) homework and to meet with you to answer all the questions that come up while you work your way through my videos and your homework. You will also need a conversation partner. Search my blog for “tandem” and you’ll come across a very helpful article of mine. Do not abuse your tutor as a conversation trainer. That would be a waste of time and money. Rather pay someone else to converse with you. Teachers will always try to teach you. Corrections can be done by a smart native. For that one doesn’t have to be a teacher.
      I hope that guides you a bit. Viel Erfolg and alles Gute. Michael

  21. Hello sir,

    I found your site very useful… I love German language.. Can learn this? Will you teach me this? I WL be very greatful.

  22. Hi Michael,

    I am applying for an university in Germany that requires me to complete the certification of A1 level by 31st of March 2015.Is it possible to get prepared by then and pass the exam?I have no prior knowledge of the language. Please tell me if the study materials shared by you, still hold valid and would be sufficient for preparations?

    Many Thanks in Advance,

    • Dear Nitika,
      are you sure it is the A1 level required? That is rather unusual. Reaching A1 in three months is absolutely no problem even without prior knowledge. My material is suitable for your aim but not(!) sufficient. You would need a source of vocabulary and a practice partner as my courses only take care of the grammar and learning technique part. We could skype quickly and I could advice you in person much quicker and efficient. Just write me your skype-ID and I will get in touch with you.
      Thank you for your time and for sharing your goals with me.

  23. Hi Michael,

    I’m super interested in speaking and writing the German language. I’m from India and I’m in the middle of job applications/interviews in Germany. I have passed the OSD A1 certificate in September 2014, however, my fluency and understanding of Deutsch is quite little! 🙂
    I’m keen to give the B2 certificate in January 2015. I wanted to know if you are still holding your fast forward classes and if you could hold these over Skype? I’ve read your conditions and the only problem is that I’m in another country!
    Hope you can give me some advice.

    • Dear Rukkini,
      thank you for reaching out to me. Almost all my classes are “fast forward” classes but that means that you can reach B1 from scratch in as little as 45-60 days. The B1 in 14 days was an amazing project but not an offer as it is too much stress for all involved. And it is simply impossible to recreate via Skype.
      B2 with students that haven’t studied with sG before takes at least 3 months and it is more difficult when living in an environment that does not speak German. I could make you an offer that would focus strongly but of course not only on conversation and writing skills.B2 in January I deem highly irreal even if you have studied efficiently on your own after you A1 exam. We could have a quick Skype chat later today if you like and I can give you a more personalized advice. In case you are interested add smarter-german to your skype contacts and let me know what would be a suitable time for you to talk.

      Either way I wish you success
      Herzliche Grüße

    • i also like to learn German language , i have passed my A1 and A2 from max muller bhavan
      do you know how this course works . please reply if you have any suggestions.

      • Dear Ravi,
        I remembered having had heard that name before, but had to look it up again to find out that that is the name used for the Goethe-Institutes used in India. I therefore know of it and there is nothing special about their courses from what I know as they have adapted the so called communicative approach which is the common approach among most language schools in Germany. It’s an accredited place and they are subsidized by tax payers, i.e. my money. So far regarding my general view on things. What suggestions would you be looking for as you seem to already have spend some time with them to pass the A-exams?

        • thanks for your reply. i am having good job offer from German based hotel , and they are having some conditions over the language . i need to complete my A1 from Goethe institute and other A2 and B1 level only need to learn. basic reason is i need to understand and communicate very formal and basic language . can you please give me any guidance to complete my B1 language .
          thank you.

          • Dear Ravi,
            I still don’t understand what exactly (!) you are looking for? Are you looking for tutoring until B1? Why would you not continue with the Max Müller Bhavan? Have you read my blog which contains many tips on how to learn efficiently and what to pay attention to? I would generally recommend that you look for a private tutor who will guide you and provide you with homework and a schedule. You asking me for help tells me that you are not an autonomous language learner and will need help from a professional to not waste your time and money or risk your future employment. You can find affordable German tutors on italki.com. How to find and work with such a tutor efficiently you can read in my blog. Just search for “tutor”.

            In the coming 4 weeks I will add learning schedules to my program but at this moment I have nothing like that to offer and it will not come for free but be part of the video courses. If you want to learn a language on your own, you will have to create such a schedule on your own which is time consuming and in case you are not an experienced language learner, as your request shows, most likely inefficient at least for the first few weeks if not months. That is what you pay a (good) tutor for: to save you time. If you ask tutors like me precise questions, they can help you a bit with this task but your request is far too general to be answered quickly. And if they have to invest 1h to guide you, you would simply have to book their services as lifetime is a scarce good.

            It also always looks good if you let someone you ask know that you have read their blog as that’s what they write this blog for, to not have to repeat the same things over and over again. Unfortunately I can not see whether you have taken the time to do your research before contacting me. Maybe you can give me some insight whether you have or you haven’t.

            In any case I wish you success with your German and hope that I could help you to clarify part of what needs to be done to achieve your goal.
            Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin


  24. hello sir,
    its very interesting course that you are offering. may i know if you would be offering this course any time in September? secondly, Are we allowed to sit B1 directly? I have cleared A1 , can I skip A2 and give B1 exam? This site has been very useful, thanks a llot.

    Sakthi karuna

  25. Dear Michael
    Thank you for videos and this website. Really , Thanks a lot.
    I am a keen learner and I saw your Videos and kind of got hooked to it. Makes me feel I am not only who set such goals :).
    I have also registered for B1 exam in Munich for End of May 2014.

    An with my Writing and Oral , this was very encouraging.
    But what confused me was the Pattern in Oral , section 2, you prepared for Picture description and also for Presentation section. What i saw on Goethe site was its only presentation and one of my friend who took exam in Switzerland told about the Picture /Graph to describe. This confuses me, what is exactly part of new pattern.
    I am gathering like all who would want to go and give exam the exact pattern.
    May I please request you to kindly guide me , now that the 1st , 14 day challenge was finished. That according to the new pattern its only one that come or both ( Presentation and Graph description).
    Also if you can guide on other topics that I can prepare for Oral.
    Any tips for writing , that you suggest.
    I am glad that you came up with this site, else I would be lost where to reach you :).
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards

    PS : My vocab is ok ok, but Grammar I am bit weak. The rules I just cant get those. So now I have left to instinct.
    Thank you very much for your kind help , once again.

    • Dear Preeti,
      thank you for your kind feedback. I am the one who has to thank you. And I wish you success for your exam in May.
      There are two kinds of official exams: the Goethe exam, which since a few months includes a presentation of a topic but in earlier times included the description of a picture or a graph. And the TELC exam, which still requires you to descripe the picture/graph. While I would have liked to send Ewelina to the Goethe exam, Goethe was booked out already six weeks in advance so I decided to register her for the TELC B1 exam at another more flexible school and therefore we practiced a bit differently than you will have to.

      Please understand that I can not teach you via comments or email and that I usually make a living of teaching people individually and do not offer free teaching besides my blog posts and partly freely available video courses. I can only recommend you to look for an affordable private tutor near you and meet her or him once a week for about an hour to practice exactly this. Maybe you just need to meet once to get the structure and then practice it on your own. A good starting point are the links on this article of mine. Make sure to click through to page 2 where the links are.

      Other topics you can find in books like 15 Übungsprüfungen Deutsch which you might surely find in your local library for free, hopefully without any markings or simply search the internet for “Modellprüfungen Deutsch B1” and you will be able to find ~5 such legally available exams to practice with. That shall provide you with sufficient different topics.

      To practice your writing, resp. to get it corrected, please check out lang-8. There you can upload/write your texts in a forum and the community of native speakers will correct your texts. But you need to correct a text or two in English yourself which won’t take you too long and is a fair deal in my eyes.

      How comes you still feel weak about your grammar if you have seen my videos. Would you mind letting me know what is missing or what rules you exactly speak about and what you don’t understand of my explanation? That would help greatly to improve them.

      Thanks again for sharing your troubles and I hope I could help you a bit with your troubles and whish you all the best.


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