Learning German (B1) in 14 Days ?

ATTENTION: This project was in 2014 and you can’t apply anymore.

No One Learns a Language in Two Weeks, Right?

But what if you could learn German in a Fortnight? Would you go for it?

Imagine a world in which German wouldn’t be “Deutsche Sprache-Schwere Sprache” but the language that could actually be learned in just 14 days. I am speaking of learning it from scratch until B1, a process that in groups here in Berlin language schools would need approximately 720 lessons or six intensive months after which only about 60% pass the B1 exam. Wouldn’t you rather invest 14 days to get a solid base that you could build on?

I am Certain, That we can do This

-You will get 56 private lessons for free but not for nothing-

smarterGerman is giving you the chance to save more than 400 hours of time (i.e.  560 lessons) and up to 7.200€ tuition (that’s what the leading school in Berlin is taking for six months of ‘intensive’ tuition). It is absolutely for free(I even pay your exam, no matter the outcome)but not for nothing. You will need to fulfill a few requirements that you can find on this page on which you can also apply for the project. It is a lot of work but for a very limited amount of time and I am sincerely convinced that you will not only pass the B1 exam at the Berlin Goethe Institut after that short time but  also that you will  have an amazingly good and natural command of German according to that level. Besides: It will make you incredibly happy if you pass that exam.

How long does it take to learn German?, learning german b1
die Stoppuhr / Image via Pixabay

Wörst Case Zenario

The worst that could happen is that you simply don’t pass that exam. So what? You will still have learned an immense amount of German and will surely have passed level A2. Besides you will have learned incredibly powerful techniques to speed up your further effort to master the German language.

If you think you are the right person, go ahead to the project page and make sure to read and fulfill all the requirements. I don’t just give away free tuition to just anybody. I want my time to be well invested, so do you, right? Then all that’s left is to click the big red apply-button and you are in the nearer choice. I will pick the candidate in the first days of March and let you know if you hit the jackpot or not. That will leave you a 12 days notice period to apply for a leave from your job if necessary.

I wish you a great time and am looking forward to working with you.

Michael Schmitz