Lindy Wilson-Halstead


In the two years that I have lived in Berlin I have tried probably every method of German learning from the traditional full time classes to online language apps.  As a family we live a hectic but fun life juggling full time work and a very energetic 2 year old.  I was looking for a flexible and efficient method of improving my German language skills quickly in order to feel confident that I could communicate effectively on a day to day basis.  With the imminent arrival of our second child I had a tight deadline, but together with Michael we were able to set a goal for me to sit my B1 exam before he arrived.

Using Michael’s methods I was easily able to fit in German learning around my daily schedule of work and childcare which made for a stress free and enjoyable experience. The lessons with Michael helped ground my understanding of the concepts and with Maggie’s support I was able to vastly boost my confidence when speaking German.  I am very proud to say that I passed my B1 exam as planned and the day after my last lesson with Maggie the new addition to our family arrived.

See her B1-Certificate here.


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