Oops, I did it Again-German B1 in 14 Days

B1 in 14 Days – II




I had plans to launch a new B114 project near the end of 2016 but when Justin contacted me and convinced me that he’d be able to repeat the success of the first project, I thought why not see, what can be done without much preparation.

Justin knows a bit of German, but you can judge by yourself in the videos above whether his actual German is rather a hindrance then of help with such an ambitious project. I made no promises to Justin and also told him that I wouldn’t have the time I had back then with Ewelina but his spirit remained unbroken. So we will meet daily for about 30-40mins and he’ll have 30mins of daily conversation lessons with Maggie and the rest is on him. I expect him to study for at least 9 hours according to my instructions and to stay away from any drug or party-related sleep deprivation. This is a serious undertaking for all of us.

He found a school that offered a TELC B1 exam on the 4th of March 2016, exactly 14 days after his arrival here in Berlin and travelled over 1000 km by car just to get here. This shows exactly the kind of dedication that I seek in a project partner and I am hopeful that we will achieve an immense progress in the coming two weeks.

I will record the audio of our sessions and occasionally share them here. I will also provide you with updates and an interview at half-time and at the end of the project. I’m thinking of publishing the complete recordings as a course for a reasonable price but will make the dependent on the quality of the process and the outcome.

Make sure to subscribe to our youtube and facebook channel and check out our blog frequently to stay up to date. The hashtag I’ll be using is #b114. Now watch the video on top of this article and judge Justin’s German as it is now.

What do you think? Will he make it?Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Take a look at the material we will be using for this project.

UPDATE [04.03.2016]

Justin has written the exam on the third of March 2016. We are now waiting for the results which might take up to six weeks (that would mean latest by mid April we should know more). Why don’t you shorten the waiting time by checking out our German learning material that helped Justin learning an incredible amount of German in very short time? Simply click on the egg below.

UPDATE [25.03.2016]

The results are here. Justin passed his B1 exam after just 14 days preparation with flying colors. Hut ab und Herzlichen Glückwunsch.


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21 responses to “Oops, I did it Again-German B1 in 14 Days”

  1. Hello,
    I am really interested in this challenge and I actually really need it.
    Please tell me how can I do it?I believe in myself and I’m sure if you guide me I can do it too

    • Dear Fatemeh,
      that project is over and is not available anymore nor was it available to the public. If I offered it again I would charge 12000€ or more for it and still be very picky about whom to work with on it. I’m sorry not to have better news for you. You can learn German fast even without me. Put some effort into it and read my blog and my articles on quora. Get my material and organize your German learning well. Soon you’ll be fluent. My best wishes and viel Erfolg mit Deinem Deutsch.

  2. Ich bin aus Syrein und lerne Deutsch seit August , aber ich habe viele Probleme , weil meine Touchter immer krank ist und ich muss zu Hause mit bleiben. Sie ist nur zwei ein halb Jahre alt , so öffentlich ich alleine im Internet lerne.

  3. Justin, viel Glück. Du bist ja begeistert von Deutsch. Man kann das klar sehen. Und das ist wichtig. Meine Empfehlung? Mache einen Kurz bei Goethe Institut IN Deutschland. Ich habe B 1 und B 2 letzem Herbst in Schwäbisch Hall, Baden-Wurttemberg, gemacht. Man kann nichts besser tun. Jim

    • Lieber Jim,
      von A1-B1 am Goethe dauert 6 Monate und kostet ca. 6000EUR in einer Gruppe mit bis zu 20 Personen (hier in Berlin auf jeden Fall). smarterGerman verlangt für das gleiche Resultat und Einzelunterricht nur 5220€ und spart dir noch bis zu 4 Monate Lebenszeit. Auch haben wir eine Erfolgsquote von 97% was die Prüfungen betrifft. Frag mal das Goethe, wie deren Quote ist. Du wirst überrascht sein. Empfiehlst Du immer noch das Goethe Institut?

      Herzlichen Gruß


      Dear Jim,
      from A1 to B1 it takes 6 months at the Goethe-Institute and costs 6000EUR for group lessons with up to 20 people (here in Berlin at least). smarterGerman only charges 5220€ for one on one lessons and also saves you up to four months of your lifetime. We also have a 97% success rate when it comes to passing an exam. Ask the Goethe about theirs, you might be surprised.


      • Friends I know who have studied through Goethe found it not particularly time efficient, especially when working 40 hours a week in addition. (And personally, I prefer to hear native speakers and do my best to mimic that, and not other German learners.)

    • Hi Jim,
      Hope you don’t mind me writing in English- I’m going to the same Goethe Institut in the summer. Could you please tell me which airport you flew into, how you got around and any must-sees?
      Thanks so much.

  4. I don’t have more than 15 minutes per day, I attend a weeky course (seven hours)

    Currently I’m starting A2, my interest is being able to work emails in order to practice while I continue learning German.

    Tips and advice are welcome.

    • Dear Humberto, this is exactly what this blog is for. Feel free to make an effort and read through it. You will also find a lot of useful content of mine on quora.com and youtube. You can easily find me. Viel Erfolg mit Deinem Deutsch.

  5. Hi
    Ich wünsche Justin alles gute zu der Prüfung. Ich wird auch B1 Prüfung am 3. March in Indien schreiben. Ich bin nervös. Ich habe sehr Angst zum Sprechen. Was soll ich tun?

  6. Justin showed a firm and positive learning attitude. German is not an easy language to master in 1 year. So I give him the benefit of the “doubt” cause I he is already thinking for himself as a German native.

  7. Hallöchen.

    Ich komme aus Mexiko Stadt und seit drei Wochen bin ich fertig mit dem Bachelor. Also bin ich jetzt Ingenieurin 😀
    Ich denke, dass es sehr schwierig für Justin sein wird, aber es ist natürlich alles möglich. Ich wünsche alles Gute zum seinem Ziel. Im vier Tagen schreibe ich auch das B1 Zertifikat und ich bin auch super nervös. Ich muss noch viel lernen und üben. Danke für die Videos und die newsletter posts.

    Grüße aus Mexiko.

    • Danke Dir Karina,
      viel Erfolg für Deine Prüfung. Du schaffst das bestimmt. Dein Kommentar liest sich sehr gut. Lass uns wissen, wie die Prüfung verlaufen ist. Bis bald, Michael

    • Danke Robert, it’s not so easy to produce good material ad hoc. As this is rather a spontaneous project, I’ll see what I can make from it and let you know. Einen schönen Sonntag noch. Michael

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