• german scientists
    From Mystical Medicine to Rational Science Franciscus Sylvius (1614-1672) was a German physician, although he spent most of his life and career in Netherlands, credited with furthering and adding to the teachings of Paracelsus, i.e., Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus Von Hohenheim, a Swiss-German physician and anatomist (1493-1541), who established the
  • german easter traditions
    The Importance of Easter in Germany In countries with a Christian history, Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year. Combining ancient pagan symbols for fertility and life (the egg and the bunny) with the message of hope and renewal, Easter also marks the solid turn from
  • internet of things in Germany
    The new era of digitalization is changing manufactures as we know them Germany is well known for producing goods. The country is mostly known for its automobiles, chemical goods and home appliances. According to a report of the German National Academy of Science and Engineering “22 of Germany’s top 100
  • take-care-of-your-employees-german
    I often get contacted by companies who are looking for in-house German lessons for their employees. This is what I tell them, why they should look for a better solution than in house language lessons. IN SHORT…To be bluntly direct, in my opinion, most in-house German lessons are a complete waste
  • United Kingdom stays in the European Union
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel made an impassioned appeal, last week, for Britain to remain in the European Union. Supporting British Prime Minister David Cameron’s calls for a renegotiation of the EU terms of membership, she told the German government that she was “convinced that it is in our national interest
  • Study in Germany in Wurzburg
    1st of a Series on German Universities The University of Würzburg is one of the 15 intensive-research universities in Germany (“U15 German Universities”) that are recognized as such worldwide and that are particularly acknowledged as among the leading sources of medical research and development. These 15 universities’ collective student bodies total
  • German Bicycle Highway
    Cyclists across Germany are elated over the introduction of the first portion of the Radschnellweg, an environmentally friendly highway (Autobahn) for bicycles. Germany has long been a pioneer with its transportation links – the Autobahn and Autobahn Plus are known globally for their lax stance on speeding, as well as
  • Learn German fast
  • registering a car in Germany
    We had to say goodbye to our Swiss licence number, and that is not that easy because my hubby inherited a super short number from his grandfather. There’s a possibility to suspend it for two years, but afterwards, it will be available to someone else. In Switzerland, it is quite
  • I want to learn German. How do I begin?
    Learning German: Useful Questions for Beginners Are you having trouble with learning German? You are not alone. How to get started with learning the German language. Some important questions for beginners before you start your journey. I love my job and I am really passionate about it. I want my
  • Yabla-Learn German with Videos
    The Best Video Player in Town If you are already familiar with Yabla and would like to know how to work efficiently with it, just scroll down a bit until you get to the list. The vocabulary for the Yabla preview video “Der Himmel” with Piggeldy and Frederick you will
  • Prepare for DSH TestDaf German
    DSH & TestDaF Exam: WARNING The following advise is assuming that you are a disciplined learner with a pretty stable life: No drugs, no sex, no rock’n roll. At least for seven months. A troubled mind can not learn fast. GENERAL ADVICE If you have the time, rather invest a
  • German Vocabulary exercises - In the office
    All german vocabulary exercises are available for download as pdf at the end of this post. German vocabulary exercises In the video below you will get to know the following words in an elegant and motivating way: kabellos, wireless die Leertaste, the space bar die Maus, the mouse notieren, take
  • A swiss in Germany - Shopping
    With my new life here in Berlin, I also had to get accustomed to the different shopping habits. To be more precise on what I mean, I got the feeling that here, in Berlin, some of the shops assume that you are a criminal. And as far as I can
  • a swiss in germany - cat
    There are some days when I try to avoid contact with other people, and it is amazingly easy to do so in Berlin. You do not have to talk if you are not in the mood. That is a bit sad, however. You can go to the supermarket, or for
  • where to study in germany
    The QS Best Student Cities list is published every year. This year the German capital is 9th while Munich ranked on the 11th place. The Best Student Cities index calculates the most student-friendly cities in the world on 5 categories: University rankings: Calculated by the number of universities featured on
  • The German Language Unites People from all over the World
    Lately, I found myself in the center of a shitstorm created by a radical right wing crowd. Cause of this unusual uprising was the illustration you see on top of this blog post. While I am pretty aware that there are pretty dark places out there, the messages these people
  • Christmas Markets in Germany - Part III
    Christmas Markets in Germany Part Three of Three There are many major Christmas markets in Germany besides those held in Berlin and, while the Christmas markets in Berlin have always been my favorites, the following are three of my Christmas markets beyond Berlin.  They are unquestionably superb and warrant at
  • Christmas Markets in Germany - Part II
    Christmas Markets in Germany – Part 1 Part two of three Because there so are many Christmas Markets in Germany, it’s impossible to visit them all unless you want your memory of them to be nothing more than a blur. If you have 10 days to two weeks to devote to the
  • Christmas Markets in Germany
    Christmas Markets in Germany – Part 2 Part One of Three Advent (“der Advent”) is the Christian religious period beginning four Sundays immediatelypreceding Christmas and, to the Christian residents in many European countries, the approach of Advent means the so-called Christmas Markets are in the offing. Christmas Markets comprise all sorts
  • Do they? Frankly, I picked up this book because, after three years of living in Germany, I had the hunch that it might be true. So I was curious to see what other quirks do German men and women have. Should you read this book (which is by the way
  • Deutschland 83 German TV -Series
    Since when do Americans Watch German TV-Shows? The show starts with the English version of a German eighties-pop song: Major Tom by Peter Schilling. And if you are a connoisseur of English or American TV-Series, Deutschland 83 might not even stand out that much, except for the language and the
  • We can save Billions of Hours of Lifetime if we optimize language learning
    Mission Statement By 2020 we can save one billion hours of lifetime worldwide. Yearly. This will have a significant impact on the personal development of millions of people With the liberation of such an amount of time comes great economical benefit for everybody. One Billion Hours Any language -and I believe
  • Je Suis Charlie - Germany Mourns over Paris Attacks
    One minute of silence fell all over Germany today, as people from all major cities gathered to mourn for the loss of 129 people in the Paris attacks over the weekend. Locals and tourists gathered outside the French embassy in Berlin, just meters away from the Brandenburger Tor, to pay
  • Is learning German with fun desirable?
    Thank you all for participating in my little survey. Below are the results of about 500 answers. Below the image you’ll find how scientists answer the question and why you should be skeptical when someone tries to sell you German learning with fun. Interesting was also to see that most
  • The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
    The City’s Startup Scene Keeps Growing Young people move to Germany in waves. The country’s economy is booming thanks to its exports and a declining euro. The question though is, where to go? More and more people choose Berlin. In a recent survey about entrepreneurship in Germany, the Deutsche Startup Monitor,
  • The German Alphabet
    The German Alphabet The German alphabet is more or less like the English one. We have just got four more letters. One problem you might encounter though is the different pronunciation of German letters. Some letters or two letter combinations in German even have several sounds. 23820
  • A dialect might give away the regions that you come from
    Les Allemands, the Germans, i Tedeschi Guest post by Kerstin Cable of fluentlanguage from the 10th of August 2015 There is a reason the Germans and Germany go by different names in different languages. When you travel to our country, you’re always travelling to a specific region too. When you want to
  • A Language is under constant construction - There is no such thing as pure German
    Don’t Worry about Denglish or Anglicisms I was asked, what I though about denglish and the anglification of the German language. Here are my thoughts on these topics: Language is a living thing and is constantly (!) developing. Trying to control and regulate it is doomed to fail. All we can
  • Getting an Appointment at Berliner Burgeramt
    How I got a new passport in less than 2 weeks Yesterday I tried to get a new passport for my trip to NYC later this year. Therefore I had to go to any Bürgeramt in Berlin. But only very few ones are actually serving citizens without an appointment. The
  • smarterGerman reviews
    I get many comments on youtube of which all (non-troll) are just amazingly soothing. I would ilke to share them with you in this form. I went back approximately six month. Every feedback motivates me to improve my teaching and to create more material. So, keep it coming. Thanks to
  • German Language Learning Platforms-What you should be aware of
    This is an updated version of my Article about Duolingo & Co. in a much gentler tone than the original article and a few modified insights. Inspired by a few commenters, I would like to clarify a few things beforehand. I do not offer a product or service similar to Duolingo or any
  • German Church Tax-Kirchensteuer
    YOU ARE OBLIGED TO PAY CHURCH TAX WHEN… Normally German tax payers are only obliged to pay a church tax when they are declared members of mainly either the Catholic (~24 Mio. members) or the Protestant church (~23 Mio. members) here in Germany* (go to the end of this article for
  • German Articles table
    GERMAN ARTICLES TABLE SONG ONE GERMAN GRAMMAR TABLE TO RULE THEM ALL There is only one German articles table that you need to learn to master many parts of the German grammar and that is the table with the endings of the definite articles in all four German cases. Those endings can
  • Typical Mistakes German Learners
      Typical mistakes of German learners Someone recently asked, what are common typical mistakes German learners make. Here is my analysis of the last 20 years of dealing with all kinds of language learning and learners: Setting realistic goals: Many German learners simply don’t set SMART  goals, nor do they plan their learning properly
  • German Pronunciation
    How to sound like a real German – Hendiadis learned by heart German hendiadis are combination of words that usually mean the same or at least something similar combined with „und“. This emphasizes the words’ meanings.  The following hendiadis are very common and will upgrade your German significantly and make