• Childrens books in German
    Just Don‘t I have heared the opposite advice so often, I‘ve lost count. And I really enjoyed picking some really nice books to read them to my now twelve year old son. What I pay a lot of attention to when choosing a book is the language. They are lovely
  • The use of the word Nazi in modern English and German language
    Lately When my brother, who is 15 years younger than me, first used the word Party-Nazis about a year ago, I was surprised of this word being used out of it‘s historical context. Nevertheless I understood what kind of people he meant. While there‘s no discussion about it that people
  • Learn German Fast
    Six weeks ago I was looking for someone who didn‘t speak any German and hasn‘t taken any classes so far to prove the concept of Smarter German, which claims to teach German in just 30 days to English speaking learners. The aim was to pass the Goethe B1-exam shortly after
  • The German Past Tense
    Learn the German irregular verbs for good… …in less than two hours. How? By learning German smarter. These ten sentences (plus one hidden in the text) can save you lots of time and frustration. Mimi bites into a Kiwi. — beißen Rambo begins a Tango-class. — beginnen He catches the
  • German Perfekt with Sein
    In the following minutes I will guide you through the German Perfekt-tense in an unusual literary way. Forget grammar as you know it, welcome her as your new friend. As the title suggests I will not start with Adam & Eve but jump (almost) right to its use. Because useful
  • I was contacted by a young woman from overseas asking me a delicate question. I wasn’t sure if she was serious but also wouldn’t want to take the risk to offend her. Read how I have solved the split. Dear Subscriber, it took me some time and effort to come
  • Learning speed german
    Learn German quickly One minute summary: This article is about the reasons why learning speed matters when learning a new language. Integrated into my personal experience the main points are: We want to express ourselves fully as soon as possible We want to immerse into the new culture straight away Group learning