Patrick Boulger


I came across a Youtube video explaining simply and clearly when and why to use different past tense forms of verbs. The teaching was clear, the method was effective and it took about 2 minutes of my time. I was hooked.

Shortly after I approached Michael to take private classes.  Since I already had some knowledge of German we set a goal to help me reach B2. After 45 hours spread across 30 sessions I obtained both my B1 and B2 certificate. I feel much more confident and have a strong foundation that enables me to continue learning on my own.

Michael’s teaching methods are creative, effective, and quick. He is the teacher I needed and wanted. He taught me techniques to learn, showed me the short cuts and the patterns. He has passion for his language and sharing it. He challenged me to utilise his methods to become my own teacher. He saved me time and brought the language to life.

If you want to learn the language, be smart about it: invest your time, money, and energy with Smarter German.

See his B2 certificate here.

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