I spend weeks looking for the perfect course that would help me learn the German language effectively and achieve my goal of B2 level in 3 months time. And I´m very glad that I´d chose SmarterGerman, as Smart it was indeed.

Michael understood my results oriented nature along with the time and dedication that I was willing to put in and optimised that in our lessons that has in turn brought out a great result. 

My biggest struggle was always with the grammar rules, and given the amount of them in the German language, my struggle was real. But with the techniques and learning materials, along with Michael´s patience to find every possible way to make me thoroughly understand and feel comfortable in using them, I was amazed and can gladly say it worked.  

rina smartergerman

Being a perfectionist, I also always had the fear of not sounding perfect or correct when I speak, and although I know I´m still not perfect,  the conversation trainings has done a great deal in raising my confidence and encouraging me to just speak and learn as I go on.

The lessons were personalised, the hard work was present from both sides, and that is what has made the course and experience truly worth it for me. And of course, the results oriented side in me is also pleased, as I´ve passed my B2 exam in 10 weeks time. : )

See her B2 certificate here (coming soon).

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