I work overseas but my family is in Germany and being constantly moving between these two places provided me with an excuse not to learn German.  With the birth of my sons I decided that I needed to learn, but where to find the right teacher?

I found Michael via his fantastic videos and decided to commit. He understood my situation and was flexible. We worked primarily via Skype. During our first lesson, it became clear that not only was Michael able to clarify the many mysteries the German language held for me, but also to simplify and focus my learning on areas I needed to concentrate on.

Michael’s tremendous amount of experience with teaching was apparent in the way he anticipated the problems I would have and showed me how to solve them.  I also worked with Maggie on my spoken German and she brought my speaking to new levels.  They are both very passionate about what they do and that energy helps push you further.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed working with smarterGerman and I would work with them again without hesitation.  If you put in the hard work it will pay off and the results of my B1 exam are proof of Michael’s method.

See his B1 exam TELC.

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