Speak German in 30 Days: Is It Possible?


We don’t offer this to anyone anymore. It was just to prove a point. The motivation to get to B1 in 30 days contradicts our approach today as we want you to enjoy your learning and not race through it. Just work with our standard courses and you’ll be fast enough.

Six weeks ago I was looking for someone who didn‘t speak any German and hasn‘t taken any classes so far to prove the concept of Smarter German, which claims to teach German in just 30 days to English speaking learners. The aim was to pass the Goethe B1-exam shortly after these 30 days.

The Candidate

Almost the first applicant seemed right from the beginning. She had tried to study German a bit but has never taken nor spoken any word of German before although she was already living about half a year in Germany. But working in a start-up, where everybody speaks English and having English speaking friends, Camilla had no real need to learn German although the wish was there. She just didn‘t want to sit in classes with ten to twenty others at fixed times for at least half a year if not more. That was also not compatible with her working schedule. When she heard of my offer to teach someone 30 days for free with a guaranteed result, she was in immediately. She had nothing to lose she said… afterwards.

The Right Attitude

In the second session I could see that she was serious and that I hadn‘t erred in picking her for the Challenge. She worked according to my instructions which is crucial for the program’s success. And we made sure that we protocolled her progress in four short videos at the end of every week. I have to say that even I was amazed by her progress and her ability to work with the technques that differentiate Smarter German from all other offers available. It was a mere pleasure to see her absorbing all this information like a sponge and being able to use it right away. She also got lovely support from her partner who started to speak German to her as much as was possible.

Learn German Fast
die Raumfähre – the space shuttle / Image by NASA via Pixabay

The Exam

As the end came near it was time to register for the B1 exam. I wanted her to do the Goethe because it has the best reputation and is one of the most challenging exams out there. Berlin was booked out so we checked other possibilities and found that Hamburg had a few free spots left. On March, 28th 2013 Camilla sat in the exam with mixed feelings. She reported on every step she took in the breaks and didn‘t feel too confident, especially about the listening comprehension. But I was sure that she would pass it. The pre exam she did at home in a third of the required time gave her an 80% score, so the real one couldn‘t fail. And now almost two weeks later, when she checked her mailbox after work she found the letter with the news from the Goethe Institute and was so nervous to open the letter.

The Result

What came out was so overwhelming, she called me right away telling me that she passed the exam with a very good. She‘s got 272 out of 300 points, that‘s 91%. I don‘t know when I was that happy before. That was a giant proof that my system worked, that it is possible to learn German in just 2-3 hours per day for a month.

Speak German – The Next Level

In May we will start to work on B2. Of course in 30 days only. We will leave the weekends out this time and it is not that revolutionary as the first part because we will only save two months time but just imagine she continued on her own later on and would do C1 in just another month. A year‘s work in just 3 months. And with splendid results instead of just passing it somehow. That‘s a certificate that you like to put in your CV or show your friends. By the way, take a look at Camilla’s here.

I am more than thankful for this experience and am currently already working with two other clients, that will finish B1 in just 30, respectively 60 days. Chris just has too much work on his schedule and is doing an MBA at the same time, so we just work over Skype three times a week, at six in the morning. That‘s the spirit that I am looking for. You‘ve got that too? Why don‘t you try Smarter German and save valuable time and spare yourself a lot of frustration. It‘s still some work, but hey, if it is fun, is it really working?

Hope to see you one day and have a good time.


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    • We don’t offer this to anyone anymore. It was just to prove a point. The motivation to get to B1 in 30 days contradicts our approach today as we want you to enjoy your learning and not race through it. Just work with our standard courses and you’ll be fast enough.

  1. Dear Michael,

    Very good morning to you and the family. I just came across your details via a video on youtube. I would like to know whether you also offer courses face to face. My aim is to spend at least three months in Germany to master the language.

    I am also a trainer, but teach computing.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    Sunny Navnit

    *I need to improve on my communication and reading part.

  2. Dear Micheal,
    I am 38 and working IT Professional. i would like to complete B1 exam on July mid of 14th in Telc. Could you provide me a solution? how to achieve that B1 Exam. also share us fees structure and Link to join.

    Manohar K

  3. Hi Michael,
    Myself Dhrithi ! I have keen interest to learn different languages, German is the first among the foreign languages I want to learn.
    Could you suggest me whats the best way for me to learn German ? I am in no hurry, I want to learn things slowly so time doesn’t really matter .

    • Lieber Dhrithi,
      it’s good that you are not in a hurry. We have a saying: Gut Ding will Weile haben. Good things take their time. I can recommend you my starter kit (check my shop) which will provide you with everything you need to set up a solid learning structure, provides you with learning strategies and techniques. It of course explains all necessary grammar clearly and provides you with enough vocabulary (incl. ready made course on Memrise) and audio material to get to B1. Once you reach B1 you will know how to continue learning.
      Viel Erfolg wünsche ich Dir
      Lieben Gruß aus Berlin

  4. Hello sir I am Nidhi Patel from India. I want to apply for study in Germany in the end of this year.I have stared learning before 2 months by myself and bit familiar with rules and regulations but I can’t do more than this now I became stuck in this level and I think I need good tutor. After some research about this I have found your website and I was this article and I think my feelings really positive about that this is right place for me. Sir, please my decision for study in Germany is really serious and I really need your help please give me right direction and also I have a whole day for learning German right now. Please give me advice

    • Dear Nidhi Patel,
      thank you for your interest in my work. Please understand that I can’t give free advice as I simply don’t have enough time.
      I have created my blog for this purpose and also answer questions on my profile on quora (https://www.quora.com/profile/Michael-Schmitz-16).
      Please take a good look around those pages and you will find many answers to your questions.

      Do you already know my German grammar materials? You can preview every product in my shop on https://courses.smartergerman.com/ and might find them very helpful.
      I also recommend that you work with a private tutor. You can find very affordable ones here: http://www.italki.com/?ref=affbettergerman&utm_source=bettergerman&utm_medium=partner&utm_campaign=affiliate

      You can of course inquire about working one on one with me. 3 months working with us would cost 5160€ (see our private lessons page). How far you will get in this time strongly depends on your skill and time budget.
      Usually we get learners from scratch until B1 in 3 months or from B1 to B2. But our main focus is to make you an independent learner and a fluent and confident speaker appropriate for the desired level.

      I wish you success with your German learning.

      Herzlichen Gruß aus Berlin

      • I am very thankful for your reply and advice. I will check all links that u have provided and and course also. I have one query as per your blog Camila had achieved b1 level from scratch and it was really fast and impressive. So I have query that what are these quality and tricks with an individual can achieve that much in really less time.

  5. Hi sir im a medical student from russiya but im a srilankan. After my graduation I want to come to Germany for my future. So sir what do I want to do to get a doctor job in Germany please help me sir

  6. Hello Michael

    This is Pankaj studying my masters in Rwth Aachen.. I have studied till A2 level of German and can understand deutsch quite a bit but my speaking is very rustic.. I will be applying for my internships since next month onwards.. And want to speak German fluently by the end of this year… Can you please help me out.


    • Dear Pankaj, you can book my services. I always have a spot for motivated learners. It might be a bit costly for students though, so make sure to check my prices. You can also browse through my quora answers and this blog to find helpful advice on how to find a good tutor and where to begin with your German. However you may decide, I wish you success with your German and your plans. Herzlichen Gruß aus Berlin, Michael

  7. dear michael,
    i read your blog, saw your private lessons package, also saw all your amazing videos on youtube (and loved the marvellous linkword technique). i am going to give my A1 level exam in 30 days from now (for higher studies purpose).
    i was not so sure before that i can do it, but after reading your blog and videos, i am now much more confident and motivated to take up higher levels also in this short time.
    i am from india and i want to learn from you. i want to have your amazing private tuitions but i am not that financially good that i could pay your fees. so i am planning to go with basic A1-B1 grammar course pack. i am currently learning on my own 8 hours a day with whatever i can get online.
    what would you recommend me?
    you can reply me at

    • Dear Emmanuel,
      the first thing you need to do is to read more about what I do and how I do it here in my blog and on my youtube channel. If that then still sounds interesting to you, I’d like you to write me an email via the contact form on this page and share with me who you are, what you do and why you want to learn German and what you have done so far regarding learning German. The more you share with me, the better I’ll be able to tell you whether my services are the right choice for your situation. This is what you have to do before I can do anything. Best regards, Michael

  8. Dear Sir,
    I saw your blog and I am very much convinced that I should learn German from You.please let me know the details and procedures for the same.

    • Dear Ramani,
      I’m glad to read that you like my work. Yet I have a question to you: if you have seen my blog, please explain to me, how comes that you haven’t clicked on the menu point “Private Lessons” or if you have done so, what information you still seek. This way you’d help me save valuable time and show that you are willing to make the necessary effort to work with me and my approach. Thank you for your support.
      Best regards, Michael

  9. Hi Michael,

    I want to do B1 in 3 months like you mentioned in your articles(i have read all of them). How do i subscribe to the 29.90Euros premium membership?

    • Dear Vivek,
      could you send me the link to the article in which I speak of a premium membership? B1 in 3 months is what you achieve by booking my services. There is no online program for it. I need your help here as I am not sure what you mean.

      Herzlichen Gruß

    • Hi Hamsa, you can either subscribe to my free A1 online course or purchase my complete ebook set with all 72 videos in my shop on my homepage.
      Viel Erfolg mit Deinem Deutsch.

  10. Hello Michael,

    I am a 21 year old college student from the United States. Along with the other people who check out your website, I am interested in learning German as efficiently as possible. I have never taken any German class, and I have no experience in the language. I have studied french for 3 years. In fact I am just finishing up a semester of studying the french language at a french university right now.

    I am comfortable conversing with others in French. However, I see that my progress was WAY slower than it could’ve been due to my motivation in the language. I decided I did not want this to happen with German as well. This summer I will only work a part time 20 hour per week job as I am prepared to dedicate the other hours to German. I will be in the United States at the time. I have one more year to finish my bachelors in the USA at which time I have enrolled in German courses as well starting in september 2015.

    To describe my motivation, I have been to Germany two times and absolutely loved it. I did not know a word of German except danke which was rather sad. Anyways, I am preparing to pursue a masters degree starting in 2016. I am yet to decide whether that shall be in France or Germany. My french is decent, but I know if I want to make Germany a realistic option, I have just over 1 year to make as much progress as possible. To be honest, I prefer to study in Germany.

    I assumed that throughout the 3.5 months of summer I study on my own 3-4 hours per day. However, I did read in your comments how it is not realistic to do so completely on your own with no tutor. You also mentioned that your program is not necessarily to replace german courses but rather accelerate learning when one is stuck. Does my profile still fit the bill despite having no experience in German?


    Trevor Laroche-Theune

  11. Hi,
    I am 33 and doing my PGPM course in International Business Management at a business school in Chennai, India. I am new to German and very keen to learn German. As per my course, I would be learning Spanish from Mid January. So before starting with Spanish, I want to be little comfortable with German. Can you provide me a solution?
    Thanks and Regards
    Jayakumar Wilson

    • Hi Jayakumar,
      as you would only have a window of about six weeks without the outlook of using or even improving your German afterwards as learning two languages at the same time is usually slowing down the learning progress of both, I would not think of starting individual work with you. It would be a waste of resources on both sides. There will also be a two week break from mid December reducing the available time even more.

      The question is what you understand by “a little comfortable” and what your motivation is as in that time the maximum you could achieve without spending 8hrs a day with learning German is level A2 which would mainly be for entertainment or hobby purposes if you do not continue to work on your German at least 1-2hrs a day.

      If you precise your request I might be able to advice you clearer.

  12. Dear Michael,

    I have just purchased your A1-B1 package online, and tried to download it but always says the ZIP file is invalid. Is there any other way to have the videos other than downloading it?

    Thank you so much, I really need to start learning the German language so that I can start to apply for the work VISA.

    Thank you,

    • Dear Christian,
      the problem you encounter occurs when you try to download multiple files at once. Please download them one by one and you will be able to open them without problems. I can guarantee you that the files are working just fine. Maybe try to download the SD version first. The quality is good and the file size significantly lower.

      I do not send any physical material as that would simply cost too much time. I am working 12-14 hours a day and have a son to take care of.

      Should your problem persist, simply write me a short notice via mail and I will send you a plan B. But the above should take care of your troubles.

      Herzliche Grüße

  13. Hi, I may be getting an offer for Germany soon and I desperately need to speak german soonest. Can you please help?

    • Dear Alvin, to see if I can help you I would have to find out more about you and your situation. Please send me your email address via the contact form on my page and we can exchange Skype ID’s to speed things up. Thank you. Michael




        • Dear Partha Sarkar,
          this is not a free online course which honestly you could have figured out by taking one minute of making the effort to look around this page. May I ask what prevented you from doing so? I would like to optimize the user experience and obviously I haven’t done a very good job so far as you ended up wasting your time writing this message to me. So I apologize for your inconvenience and the disappointing answer. Learning German in 3 months is also highly impossible without a tutor unless you are a gifted and autonomous language learner which you most likely aren’t as you have written this request to me. So I suggest that you take a look at italki.com to find an affordable tutor to help you with your speaking practice and possibly also with clear guidance. You should also check out the language learning programs of the Deutsche Welle here. Those are for free and guide you well. Yet, don’t expect to be at a very high level after three months with this program. I wish you success and hope that you achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

  14. I am interested in learning as quickly as your pupil has. I just moved to Germany about four months ago. I use memrise.com because it is free and I don’t have very much money. I have learned quite a bit from this website, but I don’t feel like I am prepared to take the A1 exam yet. I did take a 30-question A1 test online and received an 87%. I must be doing something right. Did your pupil learn it all from your book? I would love to spread the word, but I need to know if this is absolutely something that works. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Melissa,
      the problem usually is that there are too many diff. tools and opinions out there but very little structure. That was Camilla’s secret or better: it is mine. To reach such speed you’d have to have a tutor that knows what she’s doing and who’d tell you exactly ! what to do every day and to prepare you for that exam. To do such from a book or online-course would mean that you are already very structured and extremely gifted.

      I wouldn’t bother taking the A1 exam unless you need it for your visa. The first “real” exam is the B1 one. Yet you might have your reasons. My videos and handouts do not substitute a language course but “solely” accelerate your learning when you are “stuck” with one of those.

      We can have a quick chat over skype if you like and I will give you some feedback on your efforts and skills. In case you have an iDevice at hand, please look for this app and run it twice. Send me both results before we chat. This app gives us a rough clue about your general ability to deal with languages. An “alternative” would be this one: https://paulnoblelanguageinstitute.blogspot.com/2011/06/try-our-language-aptitude-test.html.

      Contact me via the contact page to arrange a chat.

      • Hi Ash, I am sorry but I don’t follow. What are you talking about exactly? Thank you for clarifying that matter. Herzlichst, Michael

    • Hy Melissa McAllister is memrise.com work well for you . becouse i need a B1 to go to germany to study hlp me plz ??

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