How to find a Flat in Hamburg – Nothing is impossible!

How to find a Flat in Hamburg - Nothing is impossible!
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Hamburg is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Germany but also one of the most expensive. Thus the prices for flats and houses are lower than, for example, in Munich or Stuttgart, and although it is in the middle also cheaper than in some smaller cities where many students are living, it is not easy to find an affordable place to stay in the Hanseatic City. It is, in fact, not easy to find a flat in Hamburg at all.

But there is some advice or at least some information about the housing market you should keep in mind. With this, you can, of course, find a place to live in Hamburg without moving far outside to the city limits.

How to get started in Hamburg

But first of all, you will have to decide whether you want to live alone or with a roommate. If you want to join a Wohngemeinschaft, also in Hamburg, you should just take a look at one of the many internet portals that help you with your desire for a room. (for example Here you can not only pick your favorite district and the price, but you can also gain a general overview. For example, you can now imagine which part of town might be cheaper and which one is unaffordable for you.

Be prepared for the Hustle!

Another excellent opportunity is to join groups on Facebook. There you will see many offers and desires for rooms and even flats. Particularly for students, this might also be a very promising opportunity. If you are planning to live on your own or with your beloved ones in an own flat, you should be aware not to be the only one at the viewing: Due to the tight market of apartments, it is common that there will be up to 50, if not more potential tenants. So bring time along and also strong nerves. It might not be your only viewing, though.

Expensive Suburbs

Especially in Hamburg, it’s also worth thinking about the district you are planning to live in. As a small guide, keep in mind that all the areas surrounding the Alster (except St. Georg, perhaps) are more likely for people with thick wallets. Of course, you can just move to the city limits or even to the suburbs like Pinneberg or Ahrensburg. But who want’s to live outside the heart of the city?

Affordable Suburbs in Hamburg

In Hamburg, you can find your luck and also an affordable flat even in the district of Mitte (center). Due to the vast areas of the port and also due the fact that large parts of it have been restricted areas until several years ago because of the German custom, they are still not too pricey, yet near to the heart of the city. The downside might be, that those districts are not the tidiest ones and sometimes a bit unique, i.e. communities where poor people and immigrants live. The good thing though is that these areas also attract many students and artists. So keep a look on the districts of St. Georg, Wilhelmsburg or Veddel.

But with patience and a bit of luck, you can also find a decent place in St. Pauli, Altona or Hamm. Just be prepared to have a few tries more. The Hanseatic City has space for everyone.

The advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat

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Many students in Germany don’t live on their own or at their parent’s house. They mostly live together with at least one roommate in a Wohngemeinschaft, a WG. Living together with others, especially when you didn’t know them before, can be nice, but also exhausting. If you can’t decide whether you want to move into a WG or not, we have collected advantages and disadvantages. 

Privacy and peace

The most obvious disadvantage of living together with flatmates is the fact that you have to do without parts of your privacy. Having other people around you can be stressing very quickly. Do you have to pee after you woke up in the morning? Sorry, your flatmate is taking a shower. Do you want to cook a nice meal after you returned from work? Sorry, he is making a chili. Do you want to go to bed soon? Sorry, he is having guests for some beers. You must be able to handle such situations, or you are going to have a bad time.


Another very natural thing about a WG is the fact that you won’t have a lot of space compared to your own flat. You might have a room and most of the time, that’s it. You can be lucky if you have a big kitchen or even a living room where you can sit together. But in this case, you have to think about point 1: You will have to share it.


Cleaning might be one of the biggest disadvantages of a WG: You do not only have to clean the mess your flatmates produced, but you have also clean much more and also much more often as it would be the case if you would live alone. Speaking of the bath, cleaning can quickly become more like a horror movie.

But of course, there are also some advantages!

New people

Especially when you are moving to a new city, it can get a bit lonely when you are living in your own flat. With roommates, you will never be alone and also will soon meet many new and exciting people. Your flatmates can also show you the coolest spots in your new hometown and make you feel welcomed from the first day.


A very pragmatic reason for living in a WG is, of course, the price: As soon as you share a flat with others, it becomes much cheaper for every single one. It is not only the rent itself but also the many additional costs. It’s just much easier if you can share the fees for electricity, water, the internet and, especially in Germany, the notorious Rundfunkbeitrag


Moving in and out

It is not only cheaper but also much easier to find a room in a WG than renting your own flat. It is also possible to move in just for a few months without making long-term commitments. And it is also easier to move out if you realize that you might better live alone again…

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