Leben in Deutschland

Pass the Leben in Deutschland Exam with Confidence

Leben in Deutschland

Your Path to German Citizenship and Residency!

The Leben in Deutschland exam is an important requirement for anyone seeking permanent residency or German citizenship. It tests your knowledge of German history, culture, and laws. If you’re feeling anxious about taking the exam, our course is here to help. We offer comprehensive study materials and expert guidance to help you prepare for the exam with confidence.

Our course is designed to be accessible to all levels of German language proficiency. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, we have the resources you need to succeed. We offer study materials, and practice tests to help you master the content of the exam. 

Our course is tailored to the spaced repetition quiz format that is used in the Leben in Deutschland exam. We cover all of the topics that are tested, including German history, politics, and culture. Our study materials are designed to help you retain the information you need for the exam through regular spaced repetition quizzes, which are proven to be an effective way to learn and retain information. Additionally, our course is constantly updated to reflect any changes in the exam content or format, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most up-to-date information while also optimizing your learning with spaced repetition.

Why choose my course?

A Uniquely Efficient & likeable Approach

Our course takes a fresh and innovative approach to studying for the Leben in Deutschland exam. We believe that learning should be enjoyable, not a chore. That's why we've created a course that is not only effective, but also fun and engaging. Our unique approach combines efficiency with likeability to help you learn and retain the information you need to pass the exam.

Your Independence Matters to Us

We understand that everyone learns at their own pace, which is why our course is designed to be flexible and adaptable. We give you the independence to study whenever and wherever you want, so you can fit your learning around your other commitments. Our study materials are also tailored to your individual needs, so you can focus on the areas where you need the most help.

We care about your Experience

Our goal is to make your studying experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That's why we provide you with all the resources you need to succeed, including online classes, study materials, and practice tests. Your success is our top priority.

No Bullshit

We don't believe in wasting your time with unnecessary fluff or irrelevant information. Our course is streamlined and focused on the topics that are tested on the Leben in Deutschland exam. We cut out all the bullshit to give you the most effective and efficient study materials possible. Our grouped questions of images, numbers, history, names, and more are specifically designed to help you memorize all the important information you need to pass the exam.

Frequently asked questions

As there are no live classes included, it starts whenever you are ready and ends either when you have achieved your goal or when your access period ends.

We guarantee access to your course for 24 months.
If you need more time you can purchase a subscription of 10 USD net per month after that time.

We will send you an email well before you run out of time. That subscription is not available on its own.

We guarantee you access to your courses for a minimum of 24 months. We are not legally allowed to say lifelong anymore, as that is likely too vague from a legal perspective, but we’ll keep this platform alive for as long as I’m alive plus at least the promised 24 months. I’ll be around for a just long enough for you to finish your German studies. So, let me know when you are done with your German so that I can then finally go and rest in peace 😉

Yes, via the sG Community (which you will be invited to after purchasing the course).

No. You need an active internet connection.

Yes, of course. The mobile version of the course is beautiful.

Then you simply write me a quick email asking for a refund. Paypal payments are usually back on your account within minutes. Credit Card payments might take up to 12 business days depending on your bank and country. Usually they are a matter of 2-3 days.

Leben in Deutschland
Leben in Deutschland

Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Cordero

Your Instructor

Hello! My name is Maria and I am the creator of this course to help you study for the Leben in Deutschland exam. 

As a Colombian who married a German, I have a personal interest in helping immigrants navigate the challenges of living and working in Germany. 

While I did not have to take the Integrationskurs for this exam (if you don’t want to take the integration course either you will find more information about it in the course), I understand the importance of having a strong foundation in German language, history, culture, and legal system.

With my experience as a language learner and my knowledge of the topics covered in the Leben in Deutschland exam, I’ve created a unique and effective study program to help you prepare for the test. 

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