German for Companys

Our online German courses are more effective, more efficient and therefore a lot cheaper than any inhouse or standard online language training.

German for Companys

Perfect for your employees

Learning at the workplace comes with many inhibitions and distractions whether it’s online or offline. Standard online classes are still tutor lead which means your employees need to be at a suitable place at a fixed time. That is often not compatible with one’s workload and adds unnecessary pressure to the learning process. SmarterGerman offers a solution that integrates smoothly into your employees’ work-life balance instead of bringing it out of equilibrium.

Our courses offer a variety of techniques for every learning style. Your employees will enjoy a thought-through study system, a crystal clear course structure and access to a community of like-minded German learners will make the German learning process easy to follow and enjoyable.

German for Companys

We offer your employees:

German Learning, like nowhere else!

Our approach and techniques more efficient than those of most other language schools and online courses. Here’s why:

Crystal clear and adaptive learning structure

No more missing a class due to illness or too much work, also no more homework. Those are remnants of an outdated and ineffective school system. Learners will always know where they are and what to do next. They can learn at their very own pace without peer or time pressure and should they ever get stuck, we are available quickly enough to help out. We provide courses on all relevant levels and even a B1 exam preparation course and an Infinite Motviation Training which assists the learner in setting realistic goals and getting blockages out of their way. This way they stay motivated and are more likely to achieve their goals.

Engaging Learning Materials

A criminal story (A1-B1) or short articles about German culture, history or society (B2, C1) will keep learners interested. All German vocabulary will be learned in a useful and urgent context, all grammar will be explained in simple English leading often to lightbulb moments even after years of studying German. Our learners do not just consume information but they are taught how to discover the German language which is far more engaging than any course book based approach. Weekly group meetups and individual support via our Community can't be found with any of our competitors.

Intelligent and instant feedback

We embrace mistakes and offer a safe environment in which the learner can explore them and learn from them. No more embarrassing situations with colleagues or superiors taking the same course. We offer tools that allow for instant and intelligent feedback meaning we don't just tell you how it's done better, we make you think first, of course with assistance. This way the message lands much deeper and grants a way more satisfying learning experience. It makes no sense to hire a tutor to teach things learners can learn on their own in a place where they feel safe and calm. We even offer effective online tools to practice speaking on one's own and with others (extra cost of 15 EUR/ month).

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