The B1 in 14 Days Project Begins

B1 in 14 Days – 2014 – Start

The B1 in 14 Days Project Begins
der Nebel – the fog / Image via Pixabay


“Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne.”

With these words by Hermann Hesse, I hereby announce the beginning of one of the most challenging projects in the German language learning world: Is it possible to teach/learn German in just 14 days? Working title: B114.
Witness our progress and honor us with your support. It is highly appreciated and strongly needed.

Don’t just take my word for anything you read here. Rather see for yourself by following our short interviews at the end of each project-day. There will be daily, short updates on all major platforms on Ewelina’s progress. Make sure to follow where it suits you best. You will also have the option to subscribe to my newsletter (for later on) not to miss similar events or invaluable, pretty unique tips and tricks for German learners that I tend to post here every now and then. Don’t worry, you will not be spammed with special offers (I don’t give discounts anyhow, I am already way too cheap ^^) or word-of-the-day-nonsense. I value my short lifetime highly and yours as well.

“Alles hat ein Ende…”

Enough said. Subscribe if you want to witness the revolution of German teaching/learning (not kidding). The countdown is running: Minus 19h from now. Just as a reminder: Ewelina’s TELC B1-exam is on the 27th and the 28th of March. We aim for an 80% score or better.  You can find out more about this project by subscribing to one of the services below.

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