Learn German fast – A few Words on Trust

Hi, I’m Michael,

After teaching German for more than 15 years I developed a system to teach smarterGerman and to learn German fast. Initially I worked at a German language school where I taught groups, couples and gave private lessons. For many years I was frustrated by the institutional curriculum led approach to teaching and learning a foreign language but I didn’t have the courage to leave the security of my job and follow an unbeaten track.

It struck me that the average learner studies more than 540 hours and can pay anything between up to  1200€ and 8200€ to reach B1 level, without any guarantee of passing the final exam. So ten years ago I started developing a system to teach smarterGerman. I have studied books about how to speed up learning and have analysed language learning methods. I have created my own system to to learn German fast and in a way that is fun too.

Expelling ones mother tongue from the classroom is a big mistake as it is one of the greatest resources we have when learning a new language. Also, when learning fast, motivation tends to be high because you can see your progress and how you improve day by day.

It is important to me, and I hope you agree, that learning German accurately on your first attempt is vital. It is almost impossible to fix mistakes once they become habit. An efficient learning structure is crucial as I simply want you to enjoy to learn German.

To learn German fast and efficiently you have to be willing to grow and to trust the process. Your tutor is an important companion on your journey, so you also need to trust him or her. And the tutor has to trust the learner. If these conditions are not met continuously, you can still learn German but not with us. This kind of trust has to be earned and we will do so in every lesson. And we expect the same from you. We do our work and you do yours. This way we will truly work and grow together. Success is just the logical outcome of such a relationship.

I look forward to hearing from you.