Private Coaching

If you feel stuck with your German learning, need to hit a deadline or need help with the last mile, I’m happy to help you in person. I understand your problem like no other and will show you the way towards your goal. You’ll still have to walk towards it though. 😉

Private Coaching

Some background

Private Coaching

I’ve been coaching many German learners 1:1 in the last 20 years and gathered enough experience to guide you perfectly towards your goal. I’m very intuitive and empathetic which allows me to tailor my individual coaching perfectly to your needs. I studied German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) at the TU Berlin and Turkologie (Turkish studies) at FU Berlin until 2009. I was a very persistent student: I studied for 9 years. Just couldn’t get enough of that student’s life vibe. During my studies I had to study many other languages from Old Church Slavonic and Old Turkish Runes to more useful languages like Uzbek and Russian. To be fair, most of them to A1 level.

Frequently asked questions

In the past I promised learners to get from A1 to B1 in three months for only 6000 EUR which is the price they’d have paid at the Goethe for 6 months in a group (!) and they’d have to possibly pay about 2x this in Switzerland for the same results. So I saved my students a lot of time and money by doing that.  I understood back then that such private lessons were not affordable for many people so I made my knowledge and experience available in form of my online courses which do the job for 90% or more of all German learners out there.

Let me be clear: You do not need these or any private lessons to get to B1 or even C1.

My courses will get you there for a fraction of the price and in a time frame that suits and adapts to your situation. If you add Deutschgym (aff. link) to your schedule, you are all set. All you need is a bit of discipline.

But if you feel stuck with your learning, have tried every method out there or feel like you “just” need a kick in the butt to get to the next stage or you simply don’t want to spend 6k and 6 months on a course sharing a teacher that only speaks (at times non native) German to you with 20 other learners, then my language coaching might be of interest to you.

My coaching is not cheap. I currently charge 500 EUR for 4x 45mins per month including daily Whatsapp support. In my experience this suffices to get you going and to keep you at a steady pace. If you need to achieve your goals much faster, I’m happy to work with you more intensively for 120 EUR gross per 45mins session. 

Either way, you’ll save thousands of Euro as comparable services out there cost you a lot more. Just do a bit of research and you’ll quickly see what I mean. Goethe Germany charges 6000 EUR for A1-B1 over 6 months in a group! I can get you there in 3 months at as little 8 lessons/m. Swiss companys charge even more.

On top of this you will have purchase my online course(s) for the level(s) that you are trying to get to. The cost of that is another 280 USD incl. VAT per level (incl. 20% private client discount).

As I only can take on roughly 5 clients at once and as I don’t need the money from this, I pick my battles thoroughly. I want to enjoy this because when I enjoy this you will enjoy this. And joy is the road to success – at least when it comes to German learning 😉

Structure & accountability
Most learners that look for a private tutor seek accountability and structure. I will hold you accountable and I won’t accept “I couldn’t make my homework” more than once.

Plan & adjust
We will help you create a plan that works for you and that yields tangible results within the timeframe we agree to work with eachother or we won’t work together at all. 

You will work with my online courses for your homework and I’ll make sure you work as intended to get the most out of them. We’ll adjust everything to your capabilities. My courses will provide you with a solid and proven learning structure. I’ll make sure you stick to that structure and will point out when I see you are diverging from it and analyse what’s happening.

Zoom meetings & feedback
In general I’ll meet with you on Zoom 1-2x per week. You’ll get my support via Whatsapp between 9am and 8pm Berlin time in which I respond to your most urgent questions if necessary or check your performance and provide quick and accurate feedback. More serious matters will be handled in our 1:1 sessions.

What does a lesson look like?
In those sessions we’ll look at your performance and optimize it or work through difficult topics until you get it. I will NOT do much conversation practice with you because that can be done cheaper with help of another platform that I’ll get to in a second. I will however listen to your speaking, look at your writing and tell you what to focus on and how to fix what needs fixing. We’ll do drills of structures and grammar that you struggle with until it sits.  We will look at your motivation and see to it that it stays strong.

How do I learn to speak?
You prepare speaking with my courses. I have wonderful techniques in my courses that are state of the art and do the job especially in A1 and A2. Once you have reached 75% of my A2 course, you will also work with Deutschgym at one point depending on your current level to support your speaking practice. The price for a whole year’s membership (worth 99 USD) will be included in your course fee if you pay at least 1000 EUR a month. DG allows you to practice 1h of speaking 7 days a week at your level. It is structured and moderated and it’s the best way to practice speaking in a controlled environment. Don’t expect to be fluent at B1 level. Fluency as we usually think of it starts mid B2.

My aim is to fully enjoy our lessons and to see you succeed. Everything will be tailored to your needs as long as it makes sense.Ideally you have at least 1-1.5 hours 3-4 days a weak available for learning German. If you don’t, your priorities or possibilities are not what they need to be for this program to yield the desired benefits and to be worth the money you spend. That’s not wrong but it simply won’t work.

If I notice you are not doing your homework, we will first analyse the problem and if necessary adjust your goal. If the issue continues we will discuss an early termination of our cooperation. If your living conditions or priorities do not allow for continuous work, you’d waste your money and both our time.

If a plan doesn’t make sense or doesn’t add up I’ll immediately point that out, the German that I am. I want you to be happy with our work together.

No. As you can’t give me back my lifetime.

I can assure you that I hold myself to the highest moral standards and have never ripped off a single client as that would always fall back on mysself, my company’s reputation and my team.
I don’t have to work this way and I would never want to work this way.

Horrible mindset of which we see far too much in today’s times.

Reg. money back: you can stop our lessons at any time without any notification period but time spent is time paid for. I’ll refund you any overpaid amount asap.

If you have any questions share them below. I’m looking forward to working with you in 2023. Whether or not I’ll offer this service in 2024 I can’t say yet.

Private Coaching
Private Coaching

How can I apply?

Write me a DM in the SG Community or an email in which you explain what your specific goal is and why you need a private coach. Tell me as much about yourself as you feel comfortable with. The more you share, the better I can advise you and decide whether working together makes sense.

Private Coaching