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The founder and brain of smarterGerman explains how his private German lessons work. Michael‘s groundbreaking program presented step by step.

Melissa studies as she goes

Melissa needed a method that worked around her schedule. She integrated smarterGerman into her normal day and found it easy to work at her own pace, tailoring the program of private German lessons to what she needed to practice the most.

What our students say

I am still amazed how much I learned with smarterGerman. My ability to speak and my understanding has grown so much.

I appreciate how strongly Michael believed in me; making me go beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Thiago Nunes
Software Developer

I moved to Germany in 2012 and needed to pass the exam to study and work here. I’m currently at the advanced level of German (C1) and very pleased with my progress but I have a lot to improve on. smarterGerman is a great system to prepare for German exams quickly and efficiently

Monique Pellegrino

Not only was Michael able to clarify the many mysteries the German language held for me, but also to simplify and focus my learning on areas I needed to concentrate on. He anticipated my problems and showed me how to solve them. Maggie brought my speaking to new levels. They are both very passionate and that energy helps push you further.


I wanted to make Berlin my home; a place where I understand everyone and can chat to the people I meet in the streets, shops or at the post office. My favourite part of learning smarterGerman was that Michael helped me to make associations with Portuguese and the English explanations of all the rules, or the absence of rules, that German is known for.

Isadora Torri

After just a few classes, I was able to read advertisements and newspaper headlines. I can now confidently, in German, do things such as; schedule appointments, go to the hardware store and ask for advice and speak to the chemist or doctor if I am ill. This is making my day to day life here much easier.

Lucas Torri
Software Developer

When I came to Berlin with my little family I wanted to be able to navigate my new life and felt that having even a little German would make me feel more confident. Michael was incredibly understanding of my circumstances as a mum. I am certain that I couldn’t have learned as well any other way. I absolutely would go for sG again.

Donna Ross

The short time it takes with smarterGerman to learn the fundamentals of the language appealed to me. It was a good investment, enabling me to reach a level of German that helped me understand the people and the culture.

Bharat Buchi

I feel much more confident and have a strong foundation that enables me to continue learning on my own. Michael’s teaching methods are creative, effective, and quick. He is the teacher I needed and wanted. I feel much more confident and have a strong foundation that enables me to continue learning on my own.

Patrick Boulger
Ecological Agriculture

Michael is an amazing person who guides you through this magical (and pretty crazy) world of the German language. He made my life easier and helped me making Berlin more and more my home.


Camilla Rinaldo

I enjoyed pushing the boundaries of my abilities in every session. It challenged me and forced me to learn quicky, which is after all what I needed and wanted.

James Robb
Architectural Technologist

We offer private German lessons

incl. MwSt./VAT

Time investment

  • Overall duration: 6 months from A1 to B1
  • 480 x45mins tuition
  • No conversation with native speaker
  • plus 90 mins of daily homework
  • 40-60mins travel time


  • In a classroom with up to 20 strangers
  • Material not always included
  • No support outside of the classroom

Target group

  • Learners who think private tuition is too expensive


  • Monthly payments in advance.


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