We offer all of our products individually.
However, we have also grouped three of them together to form the “smarterGerman starter kit”. This includes learning packs one, two and three, with the pronunciation course thrown in for free. The smarterGerman starter kit is all you need to learn German by yourself.

learning pack one

how to learn German faster

learning pack incorporating efficient methods to learn grammar and vocabulary, read texts and write dictations:

  • 60 page comprehensive PDF book in English
  • 19 step-by-step video lessons in English

€ 29,90 excl. VAT / MwSt

learning pack two

German easy reader

learning pack incorporating efficient methods to understand and memorize vocabulary more easily, read and understand texts, and increase your listening comprehension:

  • PDF easy reader for levels A1–B1
  • 54 half-hour videos
  • bilingual recording in two different speeds designed to train your listening comprehension
  • 435 page PDF exercise book in English

€ 24,90 excl. VAT / MwSt

the German grammar course B2

German grammar surprisingly simple

learning pack containing a complete guide to German grammar from Futur I to Zustandspassiv:

  • 20 German grammar videos in simple English
  • 60 page PDF workbook with reviews of the videos and exercises with answer key

Master German B2 grammar in 20 days

€ 19,90 excl. VAT / MwSt

smarterGerman essentials

master german pronunciation

this video course covers everything you need to know about German pronunciation:

  • 12 pronunciation videos with simple English explanations

Master German pronunciation in 12 days

€ 8,90 excl. VAT / MwSt


try our beautiful songs to bring grammar, word order, and vocabulary in your long-term memory

A1 volume one

grammar songs

learn German with music:

  • 6 enjoyable German learning songs
  • memorize the basics of the German language
  • booklet with explanations
  • train German articles
  • listen to and learn German anytime, anywhere

€ 4,99 excl. VAT / MwSt

german sentence structure songs vol 1

when you at home are

  • Songs especially composed for German learners
  • 6 Songs in three different versions: English, binaural, German
  • Focus on common mistakes
  • Learn and memorise the correct sentence structure
  • download your free song booklet with further explanations here

€ 19,90 excl. VAT / MwSt

A1–B1 for every day

circuit training

learn spoken German expressions with music loops:

  • 11 lovely songs with everyday German, ready to use
  • practice useful phrases and use them with confidence
  • listen and learn, anytime, anywhere

€ 9,90 excl. VAT / MwSt


smarterGerman essentials

german irregular verbs app

  • the 80 most important German irregular verbs taught with a powerful technique
  • everything about the German past tense – in simple words
  • find out how to master almost any German irregular verb

smarterGerman essentials

german articles buster

  • 70 beautifully illustrated nouns with memory hooks to never forget the gender of these words ever again
  • 5 bonus videos that will teach you all the essentials you need to know about the German articles and how to learn them efficiently
  • over 1800 frequently used German nouns with their gender
  • a simple but powerful spaced repetition system for maximum learning efficiency and progress bar
  • a simple to use search function to find the nouns you are looking for

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