Proper German Pronunciation Course

german pronunciation course


Are you struggling with being understood when you speak German?
Or would you just like to finally get the German “ich” or that nasty word “zwischen” right?
Then this German pronunciation course is made exactly for your needs. See this sample video:

There are a couple of difficult letter combinations that break many German learners’ tongues.
As you already know English you can easily figure out how to pronounce any German word properly.
Get to know simple but highly efficient tricks that you can apply quickly and
get compliments on your German pronunciation from native speakers.

German Pronunciation Course: CONTENT

This course contains 12 short and comprehensive videos which cover the pronunciation of the following elements:

Day 01 – Syllables and their role in pronunciation

Day 02 – Inseparable Prefixes like be.suchen

Day 03 – The weak “E” also called “Schwa”

Day 04 – ich and ach

Day 05 – au, eu, ei

Day 06 – B-D-G

Day 07 – H silent / non-silent

Day 08 – The different “S”

Day 09 – “ss” or “ß”

Day 10 – sp – st – sch

Day 11 – F – V – W

Day 12 – Zzzzzz


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