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Are you committed to becoming fluent in German this year?
Efficient study with the Learn German Faster Course




You’ve decided that it’s time to get serious about learning German so that you can finally do the things you have been dreaming of: to talk to your friends in their native language, to study at university, to succeed at living in Germany, or travel around Europe using your new language skills.

Your motivation to learn the language is high, but you don’t know how to make progress towards fluency. There are lots of promises online that sound too good to be true. Things like:

  • “Play games and learn a language”
  • “Learn words with flashcards and you will be fluent”
  • “Speak only German and let immersion teach you without any effort”

How many methods have you tried already?

What you need is someone who really knows this stuff, and can cut through all the noise to give you clarity on what really works.

I have tried out many techniques so you don’t have to

My name is Michael Schmitz, and I am the creator of smarterGerman. Teaching German is my lifelong passion, and I have been studying, testing and teaching the best techniques for 15 years.

In this time, I have tried many methods. It wasn’t always easy. At the start of my teaching career, I spent hundreds of hours teaching bored students in an “immersion classroom”. Learning German was painful for them, and I felt like a teaching failure…

But one day, I quit my classroom job and started working on a new method. I created optimized learning systems, working hard to cut short the time you spend learning German.

The course How to Learn German Faster is my result of 15 years of working closely with learners, of trial and error, of following my mission to find the best study techniques you can imagine.

In this new course, I will give you incredible expertise like a teacher, but I’ll also share my opinions with you like a friend. The techniques that I will explain to you in fun and straightforward videos are the ones that I use in my daily teaching work with private clients.

For example, here is one of the core concepts you will learn in straightforward videos.


Discover the German Learning Cycle

When you decide to learn German, you want to make a little bit of progress every day. So this course will help you create a very efficient learning structure. The core of the course is the German Learning Cycle, a simple and reliable system for learning faster and remembering better.

The Learning Cycle gives you the most reliable step-by-step path to learning the German language. Hundreds of smarterGerman students have reached level B1 in just a few months using this system, and in the Learn German Faster course you will be able to learn exactly how to use it for yourself.


You’ll be surprised by how much less you will have to struggle with German after learning the methods from this course. Efficient study is about  working better so you get faster results, and not about frustration or burnout.



The Useful Tips Section

With How to Learn German Faster, you will also learn everything you need to get fluent quickly and efficiently.

For the important questions you always have in your mind, I have created a Useful Tips section to the course which will remove your doubts about how to study and how to spend your learning time.



What’s Inside the Learn German Faster Course

When you get my How to Learn German Faster course, you will get instant access to:

  • A Comprehensive PDF Book full of concrete ways you can implement the Learning Cycle and start enjoying German study
  • 19 Step-by-Step Video Lessons with me. Watch them online to access from any device!
  • A Set of German Grammar Patterns you can use immediately to get more German practice in less time

The course is easy to follow and gives you step-by-step tutorials for techniques that can save you 100s of hours of study time. Try it out today – you will benefit greatly from it!


The videos which illustrate important points of this course can be easily found by looking for the play icons in the appropriate chapter. The videos are not downloadable.


The most important grammar patterns can be found on page 26:


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3 reviews for How to Learn German Faster – The Most Efficient Learning Method

  1. 5 out of 5


    Thank you so much for your hard work, Michael. I have never come across anyone, who explain things so perfectly as you are. I’m really looking forward to your new materials!

  2. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I came to Germany with no German knowledge. It was a mistake, of course, but I just want to be clear about my background. As someone learning German, I agree with just about everything Michael Schmitz has said about learning German and I value the empathy he shows towards students of the German language. Based on my experience, I think he’s right on with his critique of the monolingual teaching method, group language courses, and software-based learning. I look forward to implementing the steps of The Learning Cycle into my own lessons with a tutor. Michael’s sincerity and concern about learning German is transparent, so I trust that the steps of the The Learning Cycle are the most efficient way to learn the German language. In short, I think very highly of The Learning Cycle and its author. I say this as a preface to my following comments, so that they’re not misconstrued as being unnecessarily critical — I think SmarterGerman is great and I would recommend Michael Schmitz’s insights to all students and teachers of German.

    The new book looks great aesthetically: the style, fonts, formatting, etc. I also like how it links to YouTube videos that complement and reinforce the text. That is very convenient to the reader. Content-wise, it includes the most essential steps of learning German efficiently, culminating from over a decade of Michael Schmitz’s experience with over a thousand students. His insights are invaluable to readers.

    However, I still feel strongly that the book could be significantly improved.

    – To complement, clarify, and summarize some of the content, I think the book would greatly benefit from figures with graphic illustrations. I imagine the author could work with a pro graphic artist to develop some illustrations that are very helpful to the reader.

    – I think it needs some substantive editing, also called developmental or comprehensive editing. It also needs some copyediting. The content is great, don’t get me wrong. But it all could be made clearer and more readable than in its current state. It is in good condition, and so I think a professional editor could work with the author to bring it quickly up to par.

    – After describing the steps of The Learning Cycle, the remaining chapters — while individually valuable — feel random with respect to content and their sequence of presentation. Working with an editor would help the author to organize these chapters in a more logical, coherent way. Some of content seems to be outside the scope of the thrust of the book, which is a description of the steps of The Learning Cycle.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    At what level will conscious thinking in the target language be necessary, B1? B2? Another way of asking the same question: Is it possible for a person to be a B1 or B2 speaker in the target language without having the ability to actually think in the language with minimal or no filtering/translating from the native language. I ask this question because I can only think in my native language even after extensive learning of another language. The concept of thinking in another language seems impossible to me.

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