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SmarterGerman is perfect for those that need a flexible schedule, and are also dedicated to making time for studying. In my case it worked out putting in 30-45 min daily, instead of 4 hours on a weekend. I didn't study during vacation time, and at times was busy traveling for work. I just finished A1, and am looking forward to cracking A2 even faster. Thank Michael and team!


Web Developer

I've tried in person classes, other online courses, private tutor... but none of them beats Smarter German! Michael's teaching style is modern and relaxed, but also gets into all the grammar and details. It's even fun, I actually wake up excited for the next lesson! I can see all the effort the team had to continuously develop the structure of the courses. I can say I am a huge fan! I can't recommend SmarterGerman enough!



I don't think it would be possible to find a more innovative, thorough, comprehensive, diverse and enjoyable course than SmarterGerman. Michael is aware of the psychology behind learning and wellbeing and has a great sense of humor which shows throughout the course. Michael is the best support one could hope for. Warm, compassionate, understanding, experienced and always has great advice. An easy five stars!



The SmarterGerman courses are hands down the ultimate way to self study German. I've been very impressed with the thoroughness of the courses, the strong community, and the various methods to address all parts of the language. These are very comprehensive courses not for the faint of heart. I'd like to mention Michael's invaluable dedication. It's apparent that this is a work of love and I'm very happy to recommend it. 



At 25% progress I can already slowly pick up the signs and guess the meaning of texts - without making any extra effort. The methodology seems to enable learning by osmosis. Michael is quick to respond to questions and ensures we are on track. This is a course for you if you have a clear goal or if you just want to enjoy a stress free way of learning German.

Sherry Hsu


I've been doing this course for about 6 months now. I'm taking it slow as I don't always have a great deal of time but I am finding it to be excellent. The way things are broken up and described really are wonderful, and the courses approach to how people actually digest information and what it takes to actually learn and understand a language really sits well with me.

Duncan Alastair Brown