Hack the German Articles

No more struggling with DER/DAS/DIE!

Hack the German Articles

What you'll learn

Memorize quickly and recall easily the gender of any German noun with very little effort.

Improve the quality of your German significantly by knowing the proper gender of a noun.

Discover the true power of your memory. It is mind-blowing. You won’t believe it before you’ve tried it.

Learn the German articles in a fun and super effective way! Get to know a very simple association technique everyone can learn and use.

It is completely for free because we want you to see how beautifully simple learning German can be if you work with the right approach.

This SmarterGerman course is best for you if:

Frequently asked questions

We guarantee you access to your courses for a minimum of 24 months. We are not legally allowed to say lifelong anymore, as that is likely too vague from a legal perspective, but we’ll keep this platform alive for as long as I’m alive plus at least the promised 24 months. I’ll be around for a just long enough for you to finish your German studies. So, let me know when you are done with your German so that I can then finally go and rest in peace 😉

No. This is an all inclusive German language course and all additional tools are free of charge.

Yes, of course. The mobile version of the course is beautiful and there is even an app for Android and iOS. Some features like our vocab trainer, the community widget or the dictation tool are not available in the app though.

Hack the German Articles

Why choose my course?

A Uniquely Efficient & likeable Approach

You won’t find this kind of teaching anywhere else. Michael’s delivery of knowledge is one of a kind.

Your Independence Matters to Us

The aim of a good teacher must be that her student becomes independent from her as soon as possible. I will provide you with all necessary tools and strategies to continue your learning savely on your own.

We care about your Experience

The whole team of sG is deeply invested in you enjoying your German learning experience. We know what it feels like to learn a new language.

No Bullshit

You don’t need to know every single grammar rule or to understand every single word. I work by the 80/20 rule. Look it up if you haven’t heard about it yet or just join sG and experience it first hand.

What my students are saying


SmarterGerman is perfect for those that need a flexible schedule, and are also dedicated to making time for studying. In my case it worked out putting in 30-45 min daily, instead of 4 hours on a weekend. I didn't study during vacation time, and at times was busy traveling for work. I just finished A1, and am looking forward to cracking A2 even faster. Thank Michael and team!


Web Developer

I've tried in person classes, other online courses, private tutor... but none of them beats Smarter German! Michael's teaching style is modern and relaxed, but also gets into all the grammar and details. It's even fun, I actually wake up excited for the next lesson! I can see all the effort the team had to continuously develop the structure of the courses. I can say I am a huge fan! I can't recommend SmarterGerman enough!



I don't think it would be possible to find a more innovative, thorough, comprehensive, diverse and enjoyable course than SmarterGerman. Michael is aware of the psychology behind learning and wellbeing and has a great sense of humor which shows throughout the course. Michael is the best support one could hope for. Warm, compassionate, understanding, experienced and always has great advice. An easy five stars!


Hack the German Articles

I want you to succeed with becoming fluent in German.

My main aim is to make the German learning process easy to follow and enjoyable.

Benefit from (my) 20 years of insight in the field. I used to teach in several language schools in different countries until I got frustrated with their system of teaching.

Life is way too short not to enjoy learning German. School worked hard to take the joy out of this otherwise beautiful experience. Let’s rekindle that fire.

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