A new life with smarterGerman

Klaus-Heidi learns German

You might have (not yet) heard of Klaus-Heidi, the Swede that is about to start a new life here in Berlin in 2014, sponsored by Lufthansa. All that participants have to do is to legally change their name into Klaus-Heidi.

Unfortunately for many of you, only Swedes can (still until the 14th of November 2013) participate. But do not despair. You can also start a new life by picking up German (most likely you have already done so, why else would you read these lines) and learn it properly from the beginning. You know with whom. Klaus-Heidi does. Lufthansa wants him or her to learn proper German fast. What better program could they have chosen than smarterGerman? I know. I am excited about this opportunity and am curious to meet my student in January next year.

I liked the idea to take the hipster issue to a new level and adding a trace of self-irony to it from the very beginning. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile check out their sweet video (click on the link below) in which you can listen to a slight Berlin accent from the voice over and get an idea about what is considered a stereotypical Hipster-lifestyle.

In case you are interested in learning German, just contact me and we might find a way to come together. Please check my homepage for the prices and also read this article to put them into relation. A good start are my videos that are available for little money but already provide tremendous value if you prefer to learn on your own or are sitting in a German learning class struggling with the German grammar. It is all very simple, trust me. You can learn German, too. And it doesn’t have to take years. I wish you success and hope to hear from you soon.

Michael Schmitz