A Lovestorm Against Incredible Hate

Lately, I found myself in the center of a shitstorm created by a radical right wing crowd. Cause of this unusual uprising was the illustration you see on top of this blog post. While I am pretty aware that there are pretty dark places out there, the messages these people felt they had to share with me, made those dark places pretty palpable.

But despite these beings’ intentions, I felt sad and compassionate because someone who writes such filthy comments to a person he or she has never met nor made the effort to check out his background, must be extremely frustrated with his or her life and person.

So I decided to share with you what they shared with me and to comment on it. I didn’t just wanted to sit this one out. These things need to be shown to the public and to be deconstructed in a constructive way. Their “reasoning” lacks, well, reason. Wild assumptions are made and extreme fear shines through each of their words. 

From my experience of the last 43 years, hate is best answered with love. I feel their sadness and it is kind of overwhelming. What a dark place they must be in to feel the urge to write those things. They need some light. 

Languages unite people, A Lovestorm Against Incredible Hate
                      Learning a Language Unites Us

I also would like to promote a few really motivated organisations that help hate filled people to get out of their locked up thinking. I linked to them at the bottom of this post. Needless to say that they are all NGOs and non-profit organizations. Although this post is primarily concerned with making right-wing extremism public, I want you to know that I am as opposed against any form of extremism and violence, no matter by whom they are acted out.

It’s a bit longer but I hope you take something from it nevertheless and of course that you are on my side when it comes to spread love and understanding rather than hate, anger and fear. Show me by sharing this video with everybody you know and by writing a few lovely lines for those who are in fear -and by that I do not only mean the Nazis. Please refrain from hating back or ridiculing them. They do that themselves without our aid. You’d just pour oil on their fires. Spread love and understanding and promote reason and logic.

Learning German or any other language is a step towards world peace. The better we understand each other the less likely are we to become enemies. Let’s leave this place behind in a better state than we have found it.

Ich danke Dir für Deine Unterstützung.

Michael Schmitz


Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
They collect funds for a democratic culture. I like their positive outlook. Check out some of their campaigns here.

Hass Hilft + Rechts gegen RechtsThese are two projects of the same group of people. They are turning right radical activity into funds for exit programs and education about right-winged thinking and organizations.

Kein Bock auf Nazis
“Keinen Bock haben auf” means “Can’t be bothered with…” Their page is in German only but their information on how we can all stand up against such threats uttered by neo-nazis and other radical groups would make a worthy training for your German. They also got support of quite a few well-known German music groups. Check out their “über uns” section.

Pro Asyl
They are providing support for refugees in various ways. Their page is available also in English language.