SmarterGerman Reviews

If you are interested in finding a good German course and want to learn all about the SmarterGerman course structure and unique approach, read on for detailed information on Michael’s approach and in-depth SmarterGerman review excerpts sent by real learners like you.

German Instructor Michael Schmitz

Michael Schmitz is a native speaker and an experienced German instructor, who has many years of teaching experience at his back. SmarterGerman courses consist of video lessons complemented by concise written notes.

Each session encompasses three key exercise categories: writing, listening, and informative insights on mastering the German language effectively. His holistic approach ensures a well-rounded learning experience, making the process engaging and accessible.

Learn German Grammar

Michael claims that grammar tables or vocabulary lists are unnecessary and that progress will come intuitively through his approach.

All the lessons are taught in simple English, so if you are a complete beginner and haven’t studied German much before, you will be able to understand the grammar that is being explained. The courses can be completed at your own pace. They also offer opportunities to track your progress through the course.

Why Choose a SmarterGerman course?

Learning in lower level courses is contextualized with a mystery story at its heart. The crime story makes learning engaging and helps learners understand cognates, verbs, German articles, sentence structure, etc.

There are also specially written songs and culture insights that make learning more engaging. Best of all, SmarterGerman offers a personalized learning experience, tailored to each student’s individual needs, as well as a range of interactive tools and other resources, including video lessons, audio recordings, quizzes, and personalized feedback on written assignments.

How much does a SmarterGerman course cost?

For levels A1 to C1, SmarterGerman offers the Pay in Full option, which costs $429 for the entire course. Also, there is a Pay Monthly plan, with three monthly installments of $149.

For special courses, such as the B1 exam course, the Pay in Full option is available at a reduced cost of $249, or two installments, each amounting to $137.50. For more information, check the SmarterGerman website.

You can sign up and take the first lesson of any of the SmarterGerman courses completely free of charge. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Now, let’s also see what learners say about their own experience of learning with SmarterGerman.

SmarterGerman Reviews


I spent weeks looking for the perfect course that would help me learn the German language effectively and achieve my goal of B2 level in 3 months time. I’m very glad that I chose SmarterGerman, as Smart it was indeed. Michael understood my results-oriented nature along with the time and dedication that I was willing to put in, and optimised that in our lessons. This has in turn brought out a great result. 

My biggest struggle was always with the grammar rules, and given the amount of them in the German language, my struggle was real. But with the techniques and learning materials, along with Michael’s patience to find every possible way to make me thoroughly understand and feel comfortable in using them, I was amazed and can gladly say it worked.  

Being a perfectionist, I also always had the fear of not sounding perfect or correct when I speak, and although I know I´m still not perfect,  the conversation training has done a great deal in raising my confidence and encouraging me to just speak and learn as I go on. The lessons were personalised, the hard work was present from both sides, and that is what has made the course and experience truly worth it for me. And of course, the results oriented side in me is also pleased, as I’ve passed my B2 exam in only 10 weeks. : )

SmarterGerman Reviews

Anitha Diewald

Learning German with a full time consulting job is a complete nightmare. I could never find time to take a proper B1 course but always wanted to do the B1 exam. Getting the B1 Goethe Certificate was a dream for me which I had never managed to achieve in nine years.

Finally I decided to do my B1 level in three weeks. Two big language schools instantly turned me down saying three weeks is not enough time to do B1 course (even with an intensive course). I was very much disheartened.

I had been following SmarterGerman on Youtube. I loved their channel for their smarter way of teaching German. It just occurred to me one morning to write to Michael and ask him if he would help me in achieving my goal. I felt really lucky when he instantly replied me and confirmed me that he would teach me and help me achieve my goal.

I knew I was in the right hands, and needless to say with his German grammar videos I learnt everything I needed to know in three weeks. Michael and Margareth constantly gave me tips and tricks to strengthen my weak areas. I am really very thankful to both Michael and Margareth without whom I would not have achieved my goal. Yes, I passed my B1 exam 🙂

SmarterGerman Reviews

Justin Pasys

SmarterGerman is for people looking for quality in German learning: teachers, methods, study materials, and humour are all rated A+. I could not have wished for better German teachers than Michael and Maggie.

Both are well educated, highly trained, and interesting personalities. They work hard for their clients and expect the same from you. They are passionate about teaching and their passion is contagious. The success formula is simple – they make the learning smarter and faster while you do what you are supposed to do.

However, the process is somehow still fun and you laugh your way through it. That was my experience with Michael and Maggie. If you have the drive and dedication to learn German, SmarterGerman will get the best out of you.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Abhilash Menon

It was by chance that I came across the Smarter German website. I was looking around for a course / program that could accelerate my German learning skills to B1 level. Plus, being a working professional, flexibility with the learning sessions was also a key factor.

So coming across Michael was the best thing that happened to me last summer. I was quite impressed with his claims of accelerated / smart techniques for learning German. Also, the reviews from former participants were amazing. So I decided to give it a try, and had my first Skype call with Michael. This initial chat convinced me to give this method a shot. I knew that I’d have to put in a lot of effort myself.

The course materials to grasp the grammar were simply awesome ! I overcame my inhibitions right away. It was now so easy to remember the complexities of the German grammar! Hats off to Michael for the way he has structured this bit!

Michael introduced me to an interesting way of learning vocabulary. I worked in tandem with an app and a short story. This definitely helped to put the newly learnt words in context. At the same time, my listening and writing skills were getting honed as I had to listen to the story as well!

Maggie, my conversation trainer, complemented extremely well with the talking part. We had frequent Skype sessions where she worked with me on rectifying/improving my diction. Both Michael and Maggie were flexible with the appointments, so it was actually an extremely hassle-free training!

Plus, they both made the learning experience fun-filled and exciting! Three months after starting this program, I just received my B1 certificate this week. Now, I need a bit of a break….but Michael and Maggie…wait for me for the next challenge – B2 coming soon 😉

Ewelina B.

Ewelina was my volunteer for the B1 in 14 days project (click here to watch how the project went). She achieved the impossible and wrote a great article about her experience. She is the first sane person to have learned German this fast. I am deeply impressed till today.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Camilla N.

Camilla was the first graduate of the SG speed-German program. She not only passed the B1 exam with laurels at the Goethe Institute after 30 days of working with me, but she also reached B2 level in just another 30 days after a short break.

I will be very grateful for her dedication and performance for the rest of my life as the moment she got the results was the birthday of SmarterGerman and the happiest day of my life.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Victoria Kessel

We live in a time where we have the luxury of finding teachers on the Internet. We can take the responsibility of educating ourselves from a large offering of resources and select exactly who we want to help us achieve our goals. 

For me, Michael and his team are the right path to learning the German language. If you want to see results, have fun and grow through dedicated work, you should consider having them support your efforts. “The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity.” – Robert Brault

SmarterGerman Reviews

Per Falk

I always had the impression of myself as being a non-talent when it came to languages, but today I feel completely different about my own learning capabilities. With my ambition to start working in Germany as soon as possible I needed something fast and efficient.

Although I was a total newbie, Michael and his team promised me B1 in eight weeks and to my surprise they kept their promise. It did not come easy and hard work was needed.

But in the end SmarterGerman’s cutting edge method, flexibility and passion kept me on track and in the same time made the journey a memorable part of my life. The results surpassed all my expectations. Thank you SG for your amazing work!

SmarterGerman Reviews

André Nogueira

My main goal was just to learn, and learn I certainly did – far more and far faster than I ever expected or thought possible! Even though I ended up having more work and less time than I expected, I’m pretty amazed at the results.

If you’d told me in October that by January I’d be able to watch a simple TV show or read a not so difficult book, I’d have thought you were joking.

I was never able to memorize anything when studying, but your techniques and the way you present the material (the grammar video lessons, the grammar songs, the various “tricks” and techniques, the flexibility in choosing what to teach or train during lessons, etc) it became amazingly easier. Even I could do it! 🙂

So thank you both again. It was definitely an amazing experience and a great use of my time.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Jennifer Lertola

I was very busy at work and I was willing to learn German as quickly as possible in order to be more integrated at work and in the new city.

I finally found an efficient and fast way to learn German: Smarter German. I have learned the language easily and quickly through very smart techniques.

And I also had fun! At the beginning I wasn’t interested in getting certified but I am glad I changed my mind. In less than three months I have obtained the Goethe Zertifikat B1.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Lindy Wilson-Halstead

In the two years that I have lived in Berlin I have tried probably every method of German learning from the traditional full time classes to online language apps.  As a family we live a hectic but fun life juggling full time work and a very energetic two year old.  

I was looking for a flexible and efficient method of improving my German language skills quickly in order to feel confident that I could communicate effectively on a day to day basis.  With the imminent arrival of our second child I had a tight deadline, but together with Michael we were able to set a goal for me to sit my B1 exam before he arrived.

Using Michael’s methods I was easily able to fit in German learning around my daily schedule of work and childcare which made for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

The lessons with Michael helped ground my understanding of the concepts and with Maggie’s support I was able to vastly boost my confidence when speaking German.  I am very proud to say that I passed my B1 exam as planned and the day after my last lesson with Maggie the new addition to our family arrived.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Ahmed Osman

I needed to prepare for my dentists education in Austria, so I started surfing the internet looking for efficient ways of studying German. I luckily came across Michael’s German grammar videos on YouTube and articles and was amazed to have found someone, who seemed to know exactly what he was doing and who could help me reach my goal of B2 in an efficient way.

I didn’t have much time to waste so I started working with Michael and Maggie and my expectations were exceeded. I would have never thought that studying German could actually be fun and effective. I’m so glad to have met my two teachers and am thankful for my German although I haven’t taken my B2 exam yet.

SmarterGerman Reviews

James Robb

I am a qualified Architectural Technologist. My initial plan was to grasp the basics of the language as quickly as possible to secure a professional job.

I enjoyed pushing the boundaries of my abilities in every session. It challenged me and forced me to learn quicky, which is after all what I needed and wanted. I’d recommend to everyone to be more proactive and really practice speaking and writing German.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Bharath Buchi

When you move to a country to study, it is so much easier if you speak the language. The short time it takes with SmarterGerman to learn the fundamentals of the language appealed to me.

It was a good investment, enabling me to reach a level of German that helped me understand the people and the culture. If you’re moving to Germany, I’d recommend learning the language, so you don’t miss out on all things German, they are awesome!

SmarterGerman Reviews

Donna Ross

When I came to Berlin with my little family I wanted to be able to navigate my new life and felt that having even a little German would make me feel more confident. The one-to-one nature of my lessons with Michael was just perfect.

I get too caught up with being perfectly correct and Michael encouraged me to make mistakes in order to improve my speaking skills. He was incredibly understanding of my circumstances as a mum of a now 18-months-old boy and being able to take Leo with me or to have a lesson by Skype when necessary, made a huge difference. I am certain that I couldn’t have learned as well any other way.

I absolutely would go for sG again and have recommended sG to others as a great way of learning German. I would not bother with a classroom setup anymore. I’m convinced this is the right way to learn.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Lucas Torri

After just a few classes, I was able to read advertisements and newspaper headlines. I work as a software developer and English is spoken at work, so after studying with SmarterGerman I decided not to continue taking formal training.

The good thing is that I’m able to make myself understood most of the time. I can now confidently, in German, do things such as; schedule appointments, go to the hardware store and ask for advice and speak to the chemist or doctor if I am ill. This is making my day to day life here much easier.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Isadora Torri

I moved to Berlin to pursue a career as a chemist and decided to learn German to make the city my home; a place where I understand everyone and can chat to the people I meet in the streets, shops or at the post office.

My favourite part of learning SmarterGerman was that Michael helped me to make associations with Portuguese and the English explanations of all the rules, or the absence of rules, that German is known for. “Stop being shy, get out there and talk to people,” is my recommendation to everyone who intends to learn the language.

SmarterGerman Reviews


I work overseas but my family is in Germany and constantly moving between these two places provided me with an excuse not to learn German. With the birth of my sons I decided that I needed to learn, but where to find the right teacher?

I found Michael via his fantastic videos and decided to commit. He understood my situation and was flexible. We worked primarily via Skype. During our first lesson, it became clear that not only was Michael able to clarify the many mysteries the German language held for me, but also to simplify and focus my learning on areas I needed to concentrate on.

Michael’s tremendous amount of experience with teaching was apparent in the way he anticipated the problems I would have and showed me how to solve them.  I also worked with Maggie on my spoken German and she brought my speaking to new levels.  They are both very passionate about what they do and that energy helps push you further.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed working with SmarterGerman and I would work with them again without hesitation.  If you put in the hard work it will pay off and the results of my B1 exam are proof of Michael’s method.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Greg Gauthier

If you really want to become part of a city, you must learn the language. When my wife and I first arrived in Berlin we decided to start taking German lessons.

“Register for an exam at Goethe Institute right at the beginning of the extensive course to turn up the fire under your butt.” is what I’d recommend to all German learners.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Charlotte Gauthier

Before moving to Germany, I had lived in other countries where I didn’t speak the language. I didn’t really feel part of the community and – as an expat – I missed out on many of the great opportunities offered. When I then moved to Germany, I wanted to do things differently and learn the language as quickly as possible.

I work as a senior product manager and I like things to be structured and logical. I want to see results fast and do things simultaneously.

Whilst learning with SmarterGerman my husband and I were also looking for an apartment and settling into our new jobs. I’d recommend to everyone to budget at least 3 to 4 hours daily to reach the aim within the intended time frame.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Vitor Pellegrino

I speak advanced German. Of course it’s far from perfect, but I confidently engage in conversations and have no issues getting around in my day to day. I wanted to attend college here in Germany and better integrate myself into the culture, which is why I chose to learn with SmarterGerman.

I would advise everyone to dedicate more time and diligently study when learning with SmarterGerman.There is so much knowledge you can gain!

SmarterGerman Reviews

Edmund Salvacion

I always wanted to learn a second language and moving to Berlin seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally do it. I am now confident and feel like I have a solid foundation to build upon.

I really enjoyed having structure in my studies but I wish I had paid more care to learning the required vocabulary and optimising the pace of learning new words. I work here as a software engineer.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Monique Pellegrino

I moved to Germany in 2012 and needed to pass the exam to study and work here. I’m currently at the advanced level of German (C1) and very pleased with my progress but I have a lot to improve on.

SmarterGerman is a great system to prepare for German exams quickly and efficiently. NOTE: Monique passed her TestDaF shortly after we finished our work.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Thiago Nuñes

I am still amazed how much I learned with SmarterGerman. My ability to speak and my understanding has grown so much.

I appreciate how strongly Michael believed in me; making me go beyond what I thought I was capable of, learn fast and achieve a goal I never thought would be possible in such a short period of time. If I was coming to Germany today, I would start taking classes as soon as possible.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Ajit Mallik

Michael helped me become more confident. He has an understanding of the frustration and disappointment that comes with learning a language later in life, the time constrains and various other human factors, which impact on studying, all of which he solves empathetically.

I am a doctor and a clinical scientist and decided to learn German to prepare for my upcoming life in Switzerland.

The personalised approach and the richness of SmarterGerman’s resources helped me learn the language quickly and most of the time, correctly. I believe that students who are serious about learning the language should aim to master at least 5000 different words to be proficient.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Alex Gwilliam

I love the sound of German and consider learning the language a token of thanks and respect for the country that I now call my home. I am a magazine journalist and advertising copywriter and it was great that Michael tailored his lessons to my particular interests and needs. Even if it’s been a year since I’ve received my diploma, I can recall SmarterGerman’s methods of remembering grammar rules.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Muhammad Anas

I came to Germany to study and soon realised I wanted to stay for longer. I have found it’s much easier to get a job when you speak the language. It was also important for me to integrate and become part of the community – a thing which is almost impossible, if you cannot communicate in the local language.

I started taking German lessons but soon dropped out; I had too much work to do and was finding it hard to juggle my studies and my work.

My advice is to make sure you have some spare time, so that studying a new language doesn’t become overwhelming and you can push through to fluency and to completion of the course!

SmarterGerman Reviews

Chris Miller

While we -my wife, me and our two young daughters – were living in Germany I was an operations manager for a construction company near Rammstein and working with Michael made me feel good about my German.

I also wanted to get to know more about the culture as we were living in a small German village and enjoyed becoming part of the community. Michael’s flexibility and very structured approach were very appealing and satisfying. Unfortunately we had to relocate back to the US due to professional reasons. Should we come back one day, SG would be my first choice to continue my work on my German.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Klaus-Heidi Andersson

I won a competition hosted by Lufthansa and changed my name to Klaus Heidi, which is how I got to learn SmarterGerman. I arrived in Berlin to start a new life.

I must say it takes courage to speak German. Sometimes I fail and other times I am pleased with myself when speaking the language.

SmarterGerman is the right choice when you want to dig deeper into the German knowledge. Michael was very observant and set the standards based on the struggles he observed while working with me.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Patrick Boulger

I came across a Youtube video explaining simply and clearly when and why to use different past tense forms of verbs. The teaching was clear, the method was effective and it took about two minutes of my time. I was hooked.

Shortly after I approached Michael to take private classes.  Since I already had some knowledge of German we set a goal to help me reach B2. After 45 hours spread across 30 sessions I obtained both my B1 and B2 certificate. I feel much more confident and have a strong foundation that enables me to continue learning on my own.

Michael’s teaching methods are creative, effective, and quick. He is the teacher I needed and wanted. He taught me techniques to learn, showed me the short cuts and the patterns. He has passion for his language and sharing it.

He challenged me to utilise his methods to become my own teacher. He saved me time and brought the language to life. If you want to learn the language, be smart about it: invest your time, money, and energy with SmarterGerman.

SmarterGerman Reviews

Camilla Rinaldo

Learning German has been pretty hard, especially because my journalist career absorbs much of my time. I work in Portuguese and English. In my position, nothing made more sense than SmarterGerman’s approach to put the language to use in your daily life, but in small portions.

Michael is an amazing person who guides you through this magical (and pretty crazy) world of the German language. He made my life easier and helped me make Berlin more and more my home.


Here are some questions people ask about the language learning process and online German courses.

Can Duolingo Get You to B2 in German?

Achieving a B2 level in German solely with Duolingo can be challenging. While Duolingo offers a good foundation in vocabulary and basic grammar, reaching B2 level typically requires a more comprehensive approach, including speaking practice, advanced grammar, and exposure to the language in various contexts.

Is Learning the German Language Good for Your Brain?

Yes, learning German, like learning any new language, is beneficial for your brain. It enhances cognitive abilities such as memory, problem-solving, and critical thinking. It also improves multitasking skills and delays the onset of age-related cognitive decline.

Summing Up: SmarterGerman Review

In conclusion, the SmarterGerman courses, guided by native German teacher Michael Schmitz, offer a unique and effective approach based on contextual and personalized learning.

Real testimonials in the form of SmarterGerman reviews and stories highlight the value of the great advice and support provided throughout each course, contributing to an enjoyable language learning cycle that yields tangible results.