When my brother, who is 15 years younger than me, first used the word Party-Nazis about a year ago, I was surprised of this word being used out of it‘s historical context. Nevertheless I understood what kind of people he meant. While there‘s no discussion about it that people messing up any party can not be the same as the historical Hitler-Nazis it is pretty interesting how the youth is dealing with these things.

Start-Up Philosophy

Then yesterday a student of mine came and told me about her agreement with her employer to hold a Nazi-Meeting once a week. Meaning having a bluntly open talk about the likes and dislikes of the week.

The use of the word Nazi in modern English and German language, Party-Nazis
der Tritt – the kick / Image from Pixabay

Google Failure

So, I searched a bit on the internet but all I could find was the term Grammar Nazi in English speaking countries, an indiepedia post and a guy critizising the abuse of this word for worldy things. And while of course what has happened should never be forgotten I do not think that tabooising this development does any good. Actually I think it never does good to cast a taboo on things.


Finally the Holocaust will be kind of ,forgotten‘ as there are almost no more survivors left who could tell us about it first hand. Movies just don‘t have the same impact on people as listening to someone who has gone through hell reporting in person. And that doesn‘t mean it will happen again just because we have begun letting this memory slip. To me it‘s all about education, analysis and reflection. I wouldn‘t have killed or not anyone just because I have or have not learned about the Nazis. I would have done it out of my then low self-esteem and level of reflection and understanding.


Don‘t misunderstand me. I support any memorial that keeps the memory alive and always stood in when a student meant to ridicule the Holocaust. But I am also aware that life means constant change and that involves forgetting the unpleasant and focus on things that cause pleasure.

So, don‘t be a Party-Nazi-Nazi and never stop learning (German). Oppose those who tend to hurt others for whatever reason and train your reason. Then we are on the same side.