How to prepare for Studienkolleg in Germany

So your qualifications are not considered enough for studying at a university in Germany? Time to check out the Studienkolleg – a preparatory course especially meant for international students to be able to study in Germany.
There are two main types of Studienkolleg; basically, ones attached to a university, and ones attached to a “university of applied sciences” – what people from the United States might call a technical or vocational college. If you go to a Studienkolleg from a university, and pass the qualifications and exams from it, you can study at any university or vocational college in Germany.


If you study at a Studienkolleg at a vocational college, you can only apply to study at vocational colleges in Germany. So please check with the associated universities to make sure that when you study at their Studienkolleg, that the qualification is accepted at the university at which you want to study!

How to prepare for Studienkolleg in Germany
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Also, make sure of the requirements for tuition fees, if any. State-run Studienkolleg-facilities do not charge tuition fees and their qualifications are valid within the whole of Germany. Private Studienkolleg facilities do exist, and they do charge tuition fees, but make sure you get as much information from these facilities as possible as to their qualifications, their validity, and if the qualifications will be accepted by where you eventually wish to study!

Within the Studienkolleg, there may be specialized tracks depending on the subjects you wish to go on to study. Of course, this will also include German language classes as well to help prepare you, but the subjects you wish to study will be also reflected in the program of study.

These tracks are usually broken down as follows, with the target degrees in mind:

  • medical, biological, and pharmaceutical degrees
  • mathematical, science, or technical degrees (STEM type fields)
  • business, economics, and social science degrees
  • the humanities (including German studies)
  • language degrees

So please make sure to check and double-check the information you have! Contact the Studienkolleg that you are interested in directly if you must, to get information directly from them. Because they are familiar with working with international students, they will be able to help you get the most up-to-date information about their programs of study and what a student can expect.

11 responses to “How to prepare for Studienkolleg in Germany”

  1. Hello,
    Well i applied to the exam to Studienkolleg but i think i did not pass it.
    I have the B2 but i am not sure if i can go to Germany and do a preparation course for this kind of test and do it again. If the answer is yes, which courses can i take?

    • Hi Michael,
      I’d have no idea about this. I can only recommend to contact Uni-Assist as they are the experts.

  2. hello my nami is Arij Akermi
    im student in saint petersbourg i want to study in germany can tell please what should i do
    please get in touch with me as soon as you can

    • Dear Arij,
      the best way to contact a webpage owner is via the contact form.
      But I recommend that you take a look at our Everyday German Online course which will provide you with everything
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      Lieben Gruß

  3. My daughter would like to study studienkolleg at Germany & latter for architecture bachelor degree .Kindly inform how to get visa to come & write entrance test at Germany OR Can we do test via online .Appreciate your reply .She completed B2 level at Gothe Institute,India .Presently me working at Kuwait

  4. But if at all, I am in Germany, lets say studying in a language school. And if attaining the required level for admission in studienkolleg (B1/B2), if i want to enroll in the studienkolleg , will i be able to? Directly from Germany itself? Is that possible?

      • Thank you sir. Actually iv been through the website, but the proper answer is not there for this qustion in any of them. In short lets assume i am in Germany studying B2 or C1, its obvious that i will have the student visiting visa for language course, which lasts for a short time and cannot be extended. Eg (3 months) , now lets say i am able to give the level exam required for studienkolleg. So i am all set for applying to the studienkolleg. So now, can i do it from Germany itself? Or i will have to return back to my country and then apply from there? Because as i said language visa cant be extended.So if at all i secure my admission, give the required test etc, in that 3 months time. And then i ask them for stundent visa permit, so then will it work? No matter that i will have to come back to my home country and then again come to germany on the basis of the new visa i get, but atleast i have secured my place in studienkolleg. Moreover i will do reaseach on this topic. But if you come across anything then please do reply! Danke schön.

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