The true face of the Refugee Crisis in Germany?

German Transport Minister “closure of the border would see Europe fail” says is true in reverse

Refugee Crisis in Germany: The German transport minister stated recently that Germany can no longer show its ‘friendly face’ to refugees. Mr. Alexander Dobrindt pleaded with Chancellor Angela Merkel to close the country’s borders unless other European nations start accepting similar numbers with Germany.

During an interview with München Merkur newspaper, Mr. Dobrindt voiced his concern over Merkel’s ‘open door’ policy. “I would advise us all to prepare a plan B; We must prepare ourselves for not being able to avoid border closures”.

Denying criticism that border closures would be damaging to Europe, the minister stated that Berlin should act alone if a Europe-wide deal could not be reached. “The sentence, the closure of the border would see Europe fail, is true in reverse. Not closing the border, just going on, would bring Europe to its knees.” If the refugee numbers don’t begin to fall, then Germany should go ahead with its own policies.

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Refugee Crisis in Germany

Dobrindt is a member of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU). As Bavaria is the main entry point for refugees seeking asylum in Germany, tensions have been rising among Merkel and several of its cabinet members. Most recently, the district’s minister Peter Dreier sent 31 Syrian refugees to Berlin as a protest against the lack of accommodation and resources available to asylum seekers in the town of Landshut.

Dobrindt’s concerns followed an announcement from Bavarian CSU leader Horst Seehofer, who has promised to send a request to the federal government demanding that ‘orderly conditions’ be restored at the German borders.

The statements made by Mr. Dobrindt and Mr. Seehofer were criticized by the German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. A member of the Social Democratic party, Mr Steinmeier supported the chancellor’s position and stated that “the solution…does not lie in closing borders.”

Merkel’s decision to let refugees enter Germany freely has dominated headlines for several months. In 2015 the country welcomed more than a million asylum seekers, and there are no indications that the influx will slow down.

Responding to criticism of her open door policy in regard of the refugee crisis, Mrs. Merkel said that she will work to reduce the number of refugees entering Germany, but later claimed that enforcing an upper limit would lead to border closures.

The German chancellor is also encouraging Turkey to restrict the refugees’ movement to their borders while also asking for other European countries to increase their intake of asylum seekers.

Germany’s iron lady also agreed with the EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos, calling for refugee reception centers, the so called hotspots, to be built on European borders.

Merkel’s CDU party also wants North Africa to be declared a ‘safe zone’. If they succeed, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia will be classified as safe countries, a move that will dramatically reduce the number of North African nationals being granted asylum.

The decision would allow Germany to provide advanced help and resources to people fleeing war zones such as Syria. 40% of the asylum seekers who have arrived in Germany last year, are Syrian nationals.

The declaration of a North African safe zone would mean that Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian nationals would no longer be housed in shelters across Germany.

Whether that would help solving the refugee crisis only time will tell.

7 responses to “The true face of the Refugee Crisis in Germany?”

  1. I am curious how our country will handle (?? “handhaben”) this Brexit.

    Sure is one thing but that it makes the migrants situation harder for Germans because now in future they cannot only go off to England.

  2. I think that problem with ”Europe and the immigrants” is much beyond our ”temporarily thoughts”. Simply because this invasion of newbie who are coming with different culture and there (unknown) mental way of thinking, can’t be good for no one in long term. Especially for original Europeans. And unfortunately the result of this ”deceiving political game” we all gonna see little bit too late. (those who are surrounded with them now, already know the best). It’s hard to believe that u can ”reset” someone and simply expect that 100% of them will respect the new habitat, law, culture, rules and other parts of diversity if they never had contact before. Europe should help but not in this way. I am sure that there is a better way to solve this problem on mutual satisfaction with no victim. But as I said before, political game always does the worse. So, maybe we should be prepared on everything. And have in our mind that when you are coming from country in war, you don’t choose where you wanna go. Let’s not close our eyes on the fact that most of these people were passed more then few countires before final (the real question would be, is majority of this people really refugee?)

    • Hi Silvio,
      first of all there is no “invasion” as no military force is being used by any refugee army. And based on what theory or experience of yours do you come to the conclusion that “new ways of thinking can’t be good for no one in long term”? If we never changed our thinking, I fear we’d all be dead by now or still be living in caves. I prefer to constantly change and challenge the way I think as only then I can grow as a human being. When have you changed your thinking the last time? Also, what exactly are “original Europeans”? When does the “original” era start? 1000 BC or 5000 BC? Is a Polish citizen who lives in Szczecin nowadays an invader because ~76 years ago it was part of the Deutsches Reich? My grandfather was born there at that time. Was he a Pole or a German according to your time calculations.

      See, the problem is that it doesn’t matter where people are born or what religion they call their own. People of all nationalities, genders, religions, size and looks behave and misbehave. That does not correlate necessarily with where they come from. They are just humans, like you and me. And just because a bunch of Germans are assholes that doesn’t make me one through some magical connection that you seem to assume between those that are different from your expectations. Just because your fellow citizens are dicks does that mean that you are one too? How does that correlate technically? I share your distrust in politics and politicians and would add an even bigger distrust in those who only seek their own benefit especially when they are in any position of power but that doesn’t mean I distrust just anyone who doesn’t fit my expectations.
      And does it really matter whether someone flees for his life because he might get shot or tortured or simply because he doesn’t see a future in his country and tries to escape a miserable life? What right do we have to claim our countries our own other than having been born here which by the way is simply the last in a series of coincidental and very lucky events. You are where you are because your ancestors survived and sought a better life for themselves and for their children and children’s children. Your very ancestors were certainly not born in the country in which you currently reside if you only go back far enough. You are the very result of what drives many of those we named refugees to leave every bloody thing and one in the country they grew up in.
      Get some perspective and remember that if only one of your ancestors had messed things up or if you had been born just a few hundred or thousand kilometers from where you were indeed born, you might simply be one of those you seem to judge for their will to survive.

      And I hope it is very clear that I do not excuse despicable behaviour from anybody. And I don’t differentiate assholes by anything else than their behaviour. Stability is and always will be an illusion. Our European stability is also ephemeral but not because of anyone coming here out of need. Simply because that’s the nature of growth, the nature of life.

      Embrace growth and change and you’ll be less afraid. No one promised you an easy life.

  3. Thank you, Michael!

    When I read posts as the second, I am again sometimes ashamed to be a German.

    You know also it was Mr. Goethe who writes this sentence you have quoted:-) I know it different:

    “Wenn jeder vor der eigenen Tuere kehrte, waere die ganze Welt sauber!”

    How is it in English?

  4. Closing the borders is the only way imo. Letting all manner of scum in without properly adapting them to new conditions leads to suffering of the native population (and I’m not talking only about the horrid Köln night). Those who live on the inside know what it feels like to be abandoned by your own government.

    • Dear Saib,
      what makes you think that you are a better human being than others? Talking about humans as “scum” and therefore raising one’s own “status” is usually a sign of extreme insecurity. And answer just one question: just because hundred or even thousand or ten thousand or a million or 6 billion people with the same origin and or nationality as yours do something horrible, does that automatically make you a horrible person? Please explain to me how you measure the scum-level of a person? What are your standards by which you segregate us into those you favor and others you detest?

      I fear, your thinking is flawed. Do you think that a good person openly expresses its contempt for others and insults others without reason? I haven’t met a philosophy nor any religion not even agnostics nor atheists that would consider such a behavior as “good”. If you do so, I fear you are on your own or in bad company.

      Please don’t misunderstand my argumentation. I just aimed at showing you the flaws in your thinking. I do not consider anyone as scum, no matter how shitty they behave. Sure, there are misguided people who harm others in whatever manner that need to be stopped and if possible re-educated. But they are like this because of too many factors to single out any of them. Certainly not because they are born in any random country, their tone of skin or their desire to live a better life just to name a few. I am by far no saint but I sure as hell know that I am not better than others just because I was accidentally born with light skin and extremely good looks in a safe and rich country or because I have been raised by mentally and socially quite sane parents and grandparents.

      We have a saying in German: Ein jeder kehre vor seiner eigenen Tür! // Everyone should put his own house in order first. If you think you are better than others, prove it by behaving and expressing yourself like a better person.

      I got nothing to add. From the heart I wish my message reaches you as I have been in the same place that you are in now and was blinded by my own beliefs about myself. It’s never too late to change and become a loving character rather than a hating one.

      Take care

  5. After my opinion, Mrs. Merkel goes in the totally wrong way about the migrations!
    Naturally we must to integrate them into the German society, only I think she made things much too quickly and have disturbed the social peace.

    Sorry, Michael when my meaning is too strong:-) My english words are different from my native language.

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