Private Lessons

 A few Words on Trust

To efficiently and successfully learn German you have to be willing to grow and to trust the process. Your tutor is an important companion on your journey, so you also need to trust him or her. And the tutor has to trust the learner. If these conditions are not met continuously, you can still learn German but not with us. This kind of trust has to be earned and we will do so in every lesson. And we expect the same from you. We do our work and you do yours. This way we will truly work and grow together. Success is just the logical outcome of such a relationship.

In the following video I share my view on what makes a language learner successful. It was produced by the team of CreativeMornings Berlin.

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What our clients say

Our Competitor
~6500€ inclusive MwSt./VAT
  • Duration: ~6 months from A1 to B1
  • 3,75hrs daily tuition + 90mins daily homework
  • ~60mins travel time
  • No conversation with native speaker
  • Groups with up to 16 participants
  • Ask them about their B1 exam success quota
  • Material included
  • At their location (=travel time)
  • Monthly instalments ?

5160€ inclusive MwSt./VAT
  • Duration: 3 months from A1 to B1
  • 13 x 45mins tuition + 2hrs daily homework 
  • No travel time
  • 36x 30mins conversation with native speaker
  • One on one & “24/7”-online-support
  • 97% chance to pass your B1 exam
  • Material included
  • Via Skype or in person
  • Monthly instalments possible
?€ on request
  • All (!) language levels
  • Tuition once or up to five times per week for max. 12 weeks
  • Conversation classes are optional yet recommended
  • Material included
  • Only for serious (!) learners
  • Via Skype or in person
  • Monthly instalments possible
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