8 German startups to watch this year

Since the beginning of the European debt crisis, the continent has been undergoing a startup revolution. And with its economy steadily expanding, Germany has been leading the way in it. As a generation of young, business-minded creatives come of age they are in the lookout for cities with low costs and diverse workforces.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the German capital proved ideal for young entrepreneurs. Attracting young graduates and professionals from across the world, German startups are rivaling those in London and New York.

The German startup scene 

According to a survey by the Deutsche Startup Monitor, over half of German start-ups reported their operations to be good or satisfactory. We believe that the following companies are set to establish themselves as major players in the German start-up scene.

  •  Movago

Founded in August 2015, Movago is based in Berlin. The professional moving platform managed to raise an astounding Million EUR and facilitated over 2,000 moves in just three months. Using a sophisticated self-learning routing algorithm and standardized fixed prices Movago offers to companies, a cost-effective and free way of moving their operations.The company now operates in over seven European countries, and looks set to roll out even further.

  •  Juniqe

“Making great art affordable to all” is the motto of Berlin-based Juniqe. The company, established in 2014 by founders Lea Lange, Mark Pohl and Sebastian Hasebrink, works with artists from across the world to show and promote the best paintings and photographs as prints on products such as paper, mugs and clothes. Juniqe have been supported along the way by local business angels, and managed to raise over 3.2million in Venture Capital.

  •  HomeToGo
German Start-ups
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Travel accommodation provider HomeToGo has started out in 2015 and has managed to raise well over 8 million from investors. The company has a search engine for people looking to book apartments and holiday homes internationally and recently announced plans for rapid expansion, including a move into the U.S market.

  •  Spotcap

Spotcap lends its expertise to small businesses by granting them short-term loans and credit. This yet another Berlin-based company that has gone international having offices in Spain, the Netherlands and Australia.

  •  Marley Spoon

Cooking start-up Marley Spoon started in 2014. It dedicates itself to providing innovative recipes, cooked with local, fresh ingredients. The company whips up recipes every week. Upon selection sends, each customer receives a box full of instructions and the needed ingredients. Since their inception, they have achieved massive mainstream success – 10.3 million.

  •  Dubsmash

Entertainment app Dubsmash is a start-up created purely for the millennials. It allows users to record selfie videos of themselves, and overlay them with music and voiceovers from popular culture. The Berlin-based company has raised over 5 million in capital, and has taken Germany by storm

  •  Movinga

Offering customers up to 70% discount, Movinga provides a cheap moving service renters and businesses. With the cooperation of business moguls and investors, the company raised 32.8 million in 2015. Based in Berlin, they now also operate in the UK, Sweden and Italy, to name just a few countries.

  •  Zeotap

Data analyst Zeotap announced 6.4 million in venture capital funding in August 2015. The company offers telecommunication companies different ways to monetize their data. Its senior team has worked at high profile companies such as Vodafone, IBM and Fyber.