• Christmas in Germany
    There are a few similarities between American traditions, at the least, and German traditions for Christmas. However, even though in both the United States and in Germany Christmas is a commercial season, the season looks a bit different in Germany!    When I grew up (in the US), we had a
  • What embarrasses the Germans?
    When you first arrive in Germany, you might think that we are totally immune to embarrassment. There are crazy events like carnival, nakedness in the sauna, and certainly no fear of disagreeing or asking direct questions in the workplace. But of course, embarrassing situations affect Germans as much as everyone
  • German Technology - The DIN Norm
    Everything has its rules in Germany. It is not only a standard cliché but also true in many cases – especially when you take a look at the so-called DIN, the Deutsche Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardization). This institute might be as German as Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. But
  • Numberphile: Bridging the gap between bet eight and nine
    Numberphile: Neu and neun – New and nine Have you ever wondered why they sound so similar despite having seemingly little in common? It’s time for a little etymological journey. Including a journey over all of your eight fingers. Wait, what? All of my eight fingers? We’ll get to that,
  • Brexit - From a German Perspective
    Granted, the outcome of the referendum on the issue of Great Britain leaving the EU is already a few months old. Still, we thought it might be worthwhile, to sum up, the matter from a German perspective. To be frank, the whole process that led up to the referendum seemed
  • Eating out in Germany - Should you leave a Tip?
    Tipping is a classic dilemma for international travellers. It’s a way of showing your appreciation through paying a little extra for services, but how do you get it right and avoid embarrassment? Is there even a tipping culture in Germany? No Need To Pay Their Wages Visitors who come to
  • Konditorei Secrets - Das lebendinge Brot
    Certainly St. John did not have German Konditorei delicacies in mind when he wrote his Gospel, but, given the attendance at German Konditoreien every Sunday afternoon following religious services, it’s entirely possible that his phrase puts a majority of Protestant and Catholic churchgoers in mind of their local pastry shop.
  • Unserdeutsch - The only Pidgin German
    Unserdeutsch – Definitely the most exotic Version of German Due to its geographical position in Europe and its size, Germany is home to a diverse structure of dialects. Some of those dialects derive from old Germanic dialects so different they could count as languages. It’s actually not that hard to
  • Germany in Ice and Snow - Skiing and other Sports
    If it can be done on ice or snow, not only have the Germans done it, but they’ve also perfected it.  So, if you prefer the exciting, heart-racing challenge of winter sports to the relaxed pace of most warm-weather sports, Germany is your ideal tourist destination. Let’s start with Alpine
  • Masernparty in Germany
    Many people are afraid of diseases and try not to get infected when it comes to contact with ill persons. Especially the children are to be protected because of their delicateness towards infections. But some parents are doing the exact opposite: As soon as one of the classmates or friends
  • How do I address my German boss
    Talking to German People Properly: Formal and Informal Speech In English, “you” is just “you” – whether formal or informal. It’s great for when you don’t know your relative social status or want to make a point of equality; however, a lot of languages make a distinction between people, and
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall
    There is hardly any other date in the latest German history that has influenced the country more than November 9th, 1989. It is the time where the Berlin Wall came down, and people from the east and the west could meet again in freedom for almost 30 years. It was