• English speaking German Tutor
    Dear German learner, I absolutely understand your desire to find a tutor using English to learn German more efficiently. In using a language that you already understand well your tutor is able to explain things way more clearly to you than if she taught you solely in German. That is the
  • German Private Tutor berlin
    SOME THOUGHTS FROM A TEACHERS POINT OF VIEW The following is my reaction to a discussion on toytown that you can find here (click). I simply couldn’t sit still any longer reading that that school is better than that one because it is cheaper or whatever reason they have found.
  • How to pronounce German words
    The problem One of the biggest problem for many German learners is to find someone to speak to. And as soon as you have an opportunity and show the slightest weakness in your pronunciation, they usually instantly switch to talking English with you. So it is very important to work
  • Struggling with German? Here's some advice.
    I quite often come across the following situation and would like to share with you how I approach this problem. May you benefit from it. ——————————————– On 07/23/14 4:37 AM, D. wrote: ——————————————– Dear Michael, My name is D. We met at [that company] when I assisted to a couple of
  • Is Duolingo a worthy German learning app
    Thank you for your responses to my duolingo review – I will gladly point out what I had in mind in my previous post. For those who are new to this discussion I have cited Filip’s arguments in italic before my replies. You can find Filip’s initial comment at the very bottom of
  • Learning styles are nonsense
    You might as well ask your horoscope Since I was into faster learning, I have heard of the theory of learner types and learning styles. No wonder as that theory is around since the seventies. It was Frederic Vester who spread this problematic idea with his book „Denken, lernen, vergessen.“
  • Learning German articles with colors
    Often at times I have come across students that used three different colors to mark the different genders of German. What colors they used does not really matter. While colors are excellent to show and clarify certain structures of any language, and also provenly has the potential to enhance your memory
  • The idea German learning app - coming 2018
    SCROLL DOWN FOR AN IMPORTANT UPDATE. The idea to create an app that makes a German learner’s life easier is already a few years old. But it always felt as if that was just not enough. An app often offers a very limited range of services. A few months ago
  • Is it possible to learn German in fourteen days?
    IMPORTANT: I DO NOT OFFER B1 IN 14 DAYS ANYMORE. THE PROJECT HAS COME TO AN END.  German B1 exam in 14 days? Yesterday I picked up Ewelina’s German B1 exam results. They felt sorry for having Ewelina missed the exam by 10 points. I smiled as I knew that
  • Learn German with Songs
    Learn German with songs Yesterday I have come across a nice article and video about a hip hop band for kids. To learn German with songs can be pretty efficient. Check it out here. Below you will find the lyrics. The (c) is of course by Deine Freunde resp. their
  • The B1 in 14 Days Project Begins
    IMPORTANT: I DO NOT OFFER B1 IN 14 DAYS ANYMORE. THE PROJECT HAS COME TO AN END.  “Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne.” With these words by Hermann Hesse, I hereby announce the beginning of one of the most challenging projects in the German language learning world: Is it possible
  • How long does it take to learn German?
    ATTENTION: This project was in 2014 and you can’t apply anymore. No One Learns a Language in Two Weeks, Right? But what if you could learn German in a Fortnight? Would you go for it? Imagine a world in which German wouldn’t be “Deutsche Sprache-Schwere Sprache” but the language that
  • German cognates-Learning German through English
    How to Unlock Hidden German Vocabulary in Your Brain German and English have many words in common. Often at times it is only slight changes that you would have to make to let you understand a German word. Do you think you can make out the meaning of the following words?
  • I recommend smarter German
    The Beginning of my German Learning Career 12 months ago with bags packed, passport in hand and butterflies in my stomach i stepped into a plane headed to Germany. I was moving sight unseen to be with my then German fiancée, now wife. Guess how many words I knew. Yup,
  • Learning German is fun by nature if done right
    German Learners just wanna have fun I am a pretty frequent visitor of my colleagues’ webpages and youtube channels and everywhere, really: everywhere I see German tutors who try to make learning German fun. This is like bringing sand to the beach. Learning German is fun by nature and doesn’t
  • can you learn german with duolingo & co?
    Before you start reading When we get older, some of us become wiser and gentler 😉 Therefore I have rewritten my review about Duolingo & Co. as quite a few readers have perceived the old version below as a bit too harsh. I and therefore sG strive for constant self-improvement and we have become much more
  • Learn the German articles efficiently
    For those of you who prefer a “personal” teacher I have a video for you at the bottom of this post. The German Articles The German articles are one of the most feared topics that every German learner is confronted with. I haven’t had a single student not complaining about
  • German verb prefixes
    German Verbs with prefixes mostly have to be learned by heart When you advance with your German you will sooner or later come across some initially confusing phenomenon: prefixed verbs. While you got along with machen and maybe its siblings aufmachen, zumachen, ausmachen and anmachen, now you will be confronted with the
  • Why should I learn German
    German-Lingua Franca in less than 50 Years from Now Many people complain that learning German is a hard task. I disagree. In fact, I am working on a masterplan to make German the lingua franca of this lovely planet in about 50 years from now. Check out my ideas below.
  • Meet Klaus-Heidi, A Swede who changed his name in exchange for a year in Berlin
    Klaus-Heidi learns German You might have (not yet) heard of Klaus-Heidi, the Swede that is about to start a new life here in Berlin in 2014, sponsored by Lufthansa. All that participants have to do is to legally change their name into Klaus-Heidi. Unfortunately for many of you, only Swedes
  • german writing practice dictations
    German Writing Practice-A Must The most difficult skill to master when learning German is writing texts. There are quite a few problems to overcome before one can produce a readable or even enjoyable text. Let me do a quick analysis of the difficulties that you will come across and then
  • How to improve my German vocabulary
    Yesterday I have spoken about the importance of improving your listening skills and how to train them. Today’s article will close the trilogy on how to master the German language. If you want to build a house, you will need bricks (at least here in Germany). Your house is the
  • German Listening Comprehension requires a lot of practice
    Yesterday I have spoken about what to look for in an excellent private German tutor. For 99% of German learners there is no way around having a professional guide. But a guide is just a guide, the actual work still has to be done by you. But there is an
  • find a good german tutor in berlin
    Learning German is mainly a handicraft like many other things. Of course there are many influences like talent, age, intelligence, experience just to name a few. But in general after more than ten years I can say that one can come very far with mere discipline and structure. After all
  • german language meetum
    How to meet new people in Berlin I came to the café late. I am still new to Berlin and I get lost once in a while, trying new ways and shortcuts. I locked my bike outside, feeling happy that I managed to find a spot, which is not such
  • Find a German tandem partner
    A German Tandem Partner is hard to find One of the most common complaints of German learners is that it is so hard to get to know Germans to practice with. And they are right. But let’s be honest: would you want to be abused for language practice? Read on to
  • Only speaking German in the classroom should be a crime
    „One does not need a diet when learning German, one needs to feast on the abundant knowledge available.“ We all have a natural desire to fully express ourselves. Learning a new language forces us to suppress this desire as we suddenly don‘t have the tools (words & grammar) to do
  • The Future of Language Learning lies in the Individualization of the Learning Process
    When former student of mine and upcoming journalist Paris Karagounis (you can find him on protagon.gr) or as his friends know him better: Πάρις Καραγκούνης contacted me for an interview I was curious about the outcome of this encounter. It wasn’t planned that much, so we rather went wherever the
  • easy reader german
    You might have found out by now that I am a strong supporter of private tuition when it comes to German learning. And while the the books to learn German that I am going to review here are surely well produced and most likely follow some sound logic, it will
  • German Audio Courses
    German Audio Courses: Simple Doubts You might have heard of Pimsleur, Michel Thomas, Rocketgerman. These are language audio courses that are – not to leave any doubt about it – very professionally designed and Michel Thomas courses are actually quite useful,  but in my very own opinion they all suffer
  • You need German level B2 to find a good job in Germany
    The Higher the Better The first level to be taken seriously is the B2 level. Your aim should be C1 and from there you should just pick up still unknown words and structures on your own and be able to look them up yourself. C2 is mostly needed for higher
  • Childrens books in German
    Just Don‘t I have heared the opposite advice so often, I‘ve lost count. And I really enjoyed picking some really nice books to read them to my now twelve year old son. What I pay a lot of attention to when choosing a book is the language. They are lovely
  • The use of the word Nazi in modern English and German language
    Lately When my brother, who is 15 years younger than me, first used the word Party-Nazis about a year ago, I was surprised of this word being used out of it‘s historical context. Nevertheless I understood what kind of people he meant. While there‘s no discussion about it that people
  • Learn German Fast
    Six weeks ago I was looking for someone who didn‘t speak any German and hasn‘t taken any classes so far to prove the concept of Smarter German, which claims to teach German in just 30 days to English speaking learners. The aim was to pass the Goethe B1-exam shortly after
  • The German Past Tense
    Learn the German irregular verbs for good… …in less than two hours. How? By learning German smarter. These ten sentences (plus one hidden in the text) can save you lots of time and frustration. Mimi bites into a Kiwi. — beißen Rambo begins a Tango-class. — beginnen He catches the
  • German Perfekt with Sein
    In the following minutes I will guide you through the German Perfekt-tense in an unusual literary way. Forget grammar as you know it, welcome her as your new friend. As the title suggests I will not start with Adam & Eve but jump (almost) right to its use. Because useful